Thursday, January 21, 2010

Help Haiti now! Make an immediate difference on the ground today!

Hello and Happy New Year! Since I got back from Africa last week I have spent most of my time working on Haitian relief. The day after the earthquake a group of friends in Miami was inspired by what was going on in Haiti to mobilize personal connections to put together trucks, private jets, airport permissions, social networking and an alliance with UM Global Institute/Project
Medishare and have been sending down private planes to Haiti since Wed eve (the day after the Earthquake) full of medical supplies, food, water, doctors and nurses. We have sent out daily planes (over 14 already on the ground in Haiti!) and the materials are already being used in Haiti. This is faster than many professional rescue organizations. We've been working from an empty lot at 1st and Alton on South Beach and the Opa-Locka airport. We've
had about 50 volunteers daily working daybreak and through the night to sort, pack and load the trucks and planes. We've had $1 million in medical supplies donated by large pharma companies. We've had thousands of individuals donate supplies and money. Montblanc is matching donations. We've even had commercial airlines ask us to send their donated supplies as they don't have landing permits in Haiti.
UM Global Institute/Project Medishare invited 8 people on our team to fly to Haiti Tuesday and help on the ground and a second team is going down on today.
This is a heart-warming story of inspiration, dedication, selflessness and humanity.
I know you have probably already donated to help those in need in Haiti, but if you would stretch your heart and wallet further, it would be very appreciated. UM Global Institute/Project Medishare needs $50k for a generator for the temporary hospital that has been set up. We'd also like to help the volunteers cover the necessary vaccinations as it was
beyond some of their means ($310 each so $2480 total). If you are inspired by the work being done and would like to help out, we are welcoming donations at the "1st and ALTON RD" Team link at Project UM Global Institute/Project
Medishare: 100% of your cash donation goes to earthquake relief in Haiti.
Any amount $10, $24, $100 or $1000 is very appreciated and needed.

Thank you for your consideration and generosity!

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Can you keep it consistent please... it's Project Medishare, not MediShare. Thank you!