Friday, September 6, 2013

News September 2013!

Life is like a Labyrinth! May each step be aligned with your intention and visions. We can find so many excuses and distractions on the path. How do we know which direction to take? Follow your heart, it knows the Path! ~Namaste
News September 2013!

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Conscious Communication

DHARMI for Conscious Communication

Communication is the bridge that enables you to relate to others. If you choose to reach out to someone, you need to communicate. If someone wants to reach you, they have to communicate.

In our times, communication is happening at high speed. We receive infinite information everyday through the Internet, satellites, TV, radio, computers and more. Communication also happens through words, touch, images, smells, tastes, sounds, "vibes" and even through silence. How can we be selective, to prioritize the infinite amount of information coming into our lives?

The more we know, the more we notice that we don't know, and this level of comprehension can bring us into a vicious circle of trying to know more and more. Our awareness is expanding every day, bringing news about what is happening worldwide. And yet we often have no time left for our own family affairs.

What if we chose what we wanted to see before turning on the TV?

What if we took time to clarify our intentions and thoughts before sending a text message?

What if we had a clear plan for networking, before investing our time, money and energy?

As we rush through our lives, impatience can push us towards action before we have clarified our intentions and the messages we would like to communicate. We may feel an urgency to respond, though in the end a thoughtless word can take us in the wrong direction and cause misalignment with ourselves and others.


Conscious Communication asks us to pause.

I suggest the following practice for the next ten days:

- Before sending text messages, making phone calls, or sending emails, take a moment to clarify your thoughts. Consider how and what you want to communicate, and how it might be received.

- Before turning on the computer or TV, clarify your intention in doing so and then continue with consciousness rather than automatism.

- When you offer a kiss, a hug, a handshake or a smile, do it full heartedly.

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DHARMI Retreat

Conscious Communication - 5th chakra on the 5-5-5

In Costa Rica

May 2nd to 6th 2012

We invite you to a DHARMI Retreat on the week of the 5/5/5 (5=2+0+1+2).

We will dedicate five days to reflection on the 5th chakra (the throat chakra) as we explore the power of words.

"Just a Word ...

.. can marry you.

.. can open business opportunities.

.. can close a deal.

.. can inspire you.

.. can bring you into a depression or lift your energy up.


Whether expressed or not, a single word can have a major impact on your life.


You will have the chance to connect with the natural environment, where all of the fundamental elements of creation are present. Harmonious surroundings allow you to focus your attention toward the Essence. You will get some space from the daily distractions that cause unconscious stress: traffic, phone, noises, tv, and the many instant gratifications that the city offers.

Wi-fi access is available in the resort.

However, we suggest that you check emails and make phone calls only during breaks, and only if necessary.

The retreat offers teachings, hand-outs, discussions, presentations, Meditation, Excursion with outdoor practice, and DHARMI Yoga, a subtle and nurturing yoga practice.

For more information: CLICK HERE

Register online: CLICK HERE

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Party With A Purpose

We raised over $33,000 for local non-profits last year.  We are very pleased to invite you to the first one of 2012 at our new venue!