Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's all about Miami Salsa Driven!‏

Hello Dancers!

It’s Thursday! Yes! And, it’s another great night of Salsa!

Class tonight starts at 8 PM with all levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

You will learn all the cool moves to impress on the dance floor from experienced instructors. Please be there a few minutes before the hour for registration, since we will be starting class on time.

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Saturday Salsa Boot Camp

Our Saturday Salsa Boot Camp will start at 3 PM. That’s another day of dancing and learning from some of the most experienced instructors in the business.

Texas de Brazil

Miami Salsa Driven will be dancing and enjoying great Salsa by Melina next Friday, September 4, at Texas de Brazil on South Beach (300 Alton Rd, above Monty’s)! Tell all your friends and family to come enjoy Happy Hour from 7 pm to 9 pm ($5 drink specials) and live Salsa music with dancing starting at 10 pm. No cover. Dress to impress.

Take advantage of our Class Packages, including our CLUB Membership, and you’ll be advancing in no time.

Your Miami Salsa Driven Family!

IT’s PASSION That Drives Us

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Jarrett said...


Salsa is all about your connection with the partner you are dancing with.

In a beginning Salsa dance class you and your partner will learn not only some basic steps and other body positions, but how to feel the music and begin to express the music through your body. There is a basic body rhythm and some easy footwork that will become second-nature to you very quickly. Rather than being a little unsure when you go out Salsa dancing, you will be able to go out on the dance floor right away.