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November Newsletter - Shopping Event, Funky Urban Sample Sale, Reflexology and More!‏

The Brownie Dish
Beauty, You Know You Want It
November 2009

Upcoming Yoga Events

Dear Brownes Aficionados,

November marks the month for giving, so why not give someone special a Brownes & Co. gift certificate by clicking here!

Mark your calendars! Brownes will be starring in Bravo's Tabatha Salon Takeover on Tuesday, December 8th, 2009!

Curious about what exciting events we have simmering in our beauty pot this month? Deets below!

Shopping Extravaganza
Tuesday, November 17th
6pm - 9pm

To kick off the holiday season, Brownes & Co. and the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce Women's Business Council will host their sixth annual Holiday Shopping Extravaganza, an evening of holiday shopping, indulgence, beauty, fashion and support for the Miami Beach Education Foundation.

The special holiday shopping event will feature professional makeup lessons, cocktails by Gran Sierpe, food by Van Dyke Cafe, mini-massages, special spa treatments, discounts from hip Miami designers and raffle giveaways. Admission fee is a $20 minimum donation. Proceeds will directly benefit the Miami Beach Education Foundation. Brownes & Co. will also donate 10% of the evening proceeds to the Foundation and offer special promotions on select product lines.

To RSVP, please contact Danielle Hirschfeld at (305) 695-6834 or rsvp@miamibeachchamber.com.

841 Lincoln Road / Miami, FL / 33139 / (305) 538-7544 ext. 5

Funky Urban and Yoga Sample Sale
Saturday, November 14th
12pm - 5pm

The coveted, alternative clothing lines, Funky Urban and Funky Yoga, will be hosting a sample sale at Brownes! You've definitely seen their progressive designs written across the chests of celebrities and their slogans are the perfect way to provide some comic relief to any occasion. The Miami based company offers designs and phrases printed onto t-shirts, yoga wear, sweaters, and bags.

841 Lincoln Road / Miami, FL / 33139 / (305) 538-7544 ext. 5
Mudras & Holistic Hand Reflexology
Saturday, November 14th
2:30pm - 4:30pm

How much can be revealed from and healed with our hands? After this class, you will never consider your hands the same way.

In our everyday life, we perform many actions with our hands, most of them unconsciously. We open a door, lift a cup, turn the water tap, switch on the car, and brush our teeth, without even thinking about how we move our hands.

Mudras, is the yoga of the hands. Christelle will teach you some specific movements and positions for your hands to activate meridians, or lines of energy. Once activated, these meridians can release headache, or back pain; also they can help you to let go of stress, activate your vital energy and many more purposes.
Our hands reveal much information about our health and our life's path. Christelle will also describe how our physical body is reflected in our hands and how we can auto-massage specific areas to release tensions. Additionally, we will observe the 3 main lines: Life, Love and Mind.

Pricing: $25 in advance / $30 at the door

841 Lincoln Road / Miami, FL / 33139 / (305) 538-7544 ext. 2
Ram Giri Presents:
The Yoga of Zen
Saturday, November 14th
5:30pm - 8:00pm

Ram Giri has brought his renowned guidance series to Brownes and we invite you to come experience the power of his spoken word. Ram Giri Braun, Ph.D. offers you a very unique combination of psychological skill, decades of deep experience in the wisdom traditions, and practical knowledge of innovative and revolutionary approaches to self-realization. This month we bring you Ram Giri's “Yoga of Zen” :

Zen is the essence of clarity and emotional freedom. Experiencing emotional stress is not very Zen. Spend an evening un-gridlocking yourself with Open Attention, the unsurpassed Skill for Emotional Harmony. Walk away with a lifetime ability to deal with emotions in a way that actually works and sets you free.

Read more about Ram Giri and his philosophy here.

Pricing: $25 in advance / $30 at the door

841 Lincoln Road / Miami, FL / 33139 / (305) 538-7544 ext. 2

Design District Gallery Walk
Saturday, November 14th
7pm - 10pm

If you have yet to join us for the Design District’s monthly gallery walk, you're missing out on a whole lot of delicious, complimentary drinks, free makeup applications and beauty samples. Stop by, mingle, and get all your beauty questions answered by our expertly trained staff while enjoying cocktails on behalf of Artisan Brands!

87 NE 40th St. / Miami, FL / 33137 / (305) 538-7544 ext. 1

Product Of The Month

Molton Brown's Re-Charge Black Pepper Body Wash

Get ready for an aromatic adventure. Molton Brown's unisex, spicy body wash is steeped in Madagascan black peppercorn oil to reawaken your energy banks when you most need it, leaving your skin feeling warmed up and ready for action.

Winner of the 2008 Allure Best of Beauty awards in the "mens stuff" category!


Featured Employee Of The Month

1. How long have you been with Brownes? 8 years.

2. What's your philosophy behind beauty? Healthy skin, a perfect mani/pedi, and groomed from head to toe!

3. What's your advice for maintaining strong, healthy nails? Mani/pedi once a week and use Dr Hauschka oil on cuticles every night. When doing your nails, be sure to apply a fresh base coat, then polish, and finish with a top coat.

4. What's the new hot color for fall? Angora Cardi from Essie's fall line is a beautiful, plum hue that perfectly compliments the season.

To book an appointment with Dee or another one of our talented technicians click here.

Upcoming Yoga Events

Chocolate Yoga with DeAnna
Saturday, November 21st
7pm - 9pm

When we find balance in the senses we can connect to our Divine source as we feel appreciation for the gift of embodiment. What better way to delight the senses and the Divine than with chocolate? It was even considered ‘food of the Gods’ by the ancient Mayans and thought to bring universal wisdom and knowledge, just like Yoga! Come out for a deliciously rockin’ Anusara-Inspired Vinyasa Yoga practice as we savour the chocolate on our tongue before and after class and play delightfully with chocolate metaphors while we rock out to a practice with music for the ears to enjoy.

$25 in advance / $30 at the door.

The Practice with Ken
November 7th
November 21st

The Practice is an advanced Skanda Yoga session developed by Ken Von Roenn III. It is a breath-inspired, alignment based Vinyasa style which channels the Mayan calendar to release your inner warrior and take on new challenges.

Thanksgiving Day Skanda Yoga with Jason
Thursday, November 26th

The aim of Skanda Yoga is to transform the individual, the community and the world. The individual goal is to spread the message of unity, peace and love in preparation for the transformational period between 2012 and 2016. This is the period of time that humanity has the greatest potential to transform from a global society built upon separation, into a society united in Spirit.

841 Lincoln Road / Miami Beach, FL / 33139 / (305) 538-7544 ext. 2

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