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New Year, New Yelpolutions
January 06
You say you want a resolution?

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Contemporary Art Boot Camp
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Luna Star Cafe's Open-Mic Night
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Shakespeare in the Park
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Rachel Goodrich lands at Heathrow
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The First Hollywood book signing with Shawn C. Bean

Happy New Year, Miami! We're almost a week into 2009 and many of you are still holdin' tight to those resolutions. The most talked-about ressies 'round the 305? This year, we're hearing health and wealth. Well cha-ching, the first Weekly of the year is giving you the coveted culinary trifecta: healthy, inexpensive... and delicious. So balance your diet and your budget with bites that won't break the bank.

For lunchtime, the usual fast food burger and fries are a resolution-busting no-no. Instead, head Downtown for a spice-filled Indian lunch. You can't go wrong with a flavorful buffet at Raja's, where Michael P feasts on "large quantities of tasty food for bargain prices." At nearby Stoupsy's you can score good, quick eats with gyros, sandwiches and salads. Known for their $5 souvlaki, Cynthia M raves, "It's so good it's contagious!" A five spot'll also get you the salmon teriyaki lunch special at the Japanese Market, and David R has fallen hook, line and sinker for their uni, toro and hard-to-find items like ankimo, sayori and aji.

Prefer your lunch with a little (non-alcoholic) accompaniment? Lazarro C sips sublime at the Pineapple Blossom Tea Room, "a very cozy, Caribbean-inspired spot" where tea service starts at a mere $6.95 per person. Chelsea O is hooked on their refreshingly delicious pineapple mint tea and the homey vibe. If variety is what you crave, follow Eve C to Lemoni Cafe, where "the menu selection is awe-inspiring for a hole-in-the-wall lunch place." With the most expensive dish ringing in at under a Hamilton, Lemoni is set to satisfy your inner cheapo, too.

Looking for a fresh way to start the new year? Grab something green from Go-Go Fresh Food Cafe. Ciara L salivates over their "thoughtfully planned, ultra-healthy and huge salads." Or check out the homemade mango hot sauce at the Beehive that had Siriporn C practically licking her plate. For more vegan vittles, stop into the Garden of Eatin. Dubbed a "rastafarian jewel," yelpers keep on diggin' the soups, tofu curry, soy ackee fish and spot-on sauces. But Joseluis A sums it up best: "I wish there was a place like this in Downtown, the Gables, the beach... everywhere!" So demanding, so early in the year! We kind of like that...
What are you resolving to do in 2009? Talk it out.
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Picks of the Week
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Marcos R. on Dogma Grill
"Great place in the Upper East Side for cheap eats! I like the way it's arranged with the outdoor seating.

Also a big plus is that they offer turkey and veggie dogs. I went there with a friend the other day even though I wasn't in the mood for a hot dog, I was pleased to see that the menu also…"
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Eddy A. on Enriqueta's Sandwich Shop
"For the best cuban food in downtown miami, you gotta go uptown!

Enriqueta's has been a popular lunch spot for us at work. We've been going here quite a few times and it is always busy! Through the years its kept the same great staff and kept its prices down. Where else can you get a BIG chicken…"
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JD N. on Choice Cafe
"A hole-in-a-wall Korean eatery in the Fashion District can give you the fix for the Korean appetite you may have. The area is populated with Korean workers during the day (hence the closing time of Choice Cafe at 5 pm as that's also the time when the workers get out of the area).

Bulgogi (beef BBQ…"

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