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Yelp.com The Great Burger Battle‏

The Great Burger Battle
June 23

This Weekly Yelp brought to you by Fuerza Bruta Miami

Ramon C
Tastes Like Heaven

Blame It On The A-A-A-A-lcohol!
Single Malt Scotch Dinner

Kid Approved!
Family Fun at Bass Museum

Life Is A Cabaret...
Summer Cabaret Concert at Deering Estate

German Style BBQ:
Fritz and Franz 3rd Annual BBQ Ribs And Beer Fest

Oh Yes It's Ladies' Night:
Girls Night Out For Charity
Where’s the beef? It’s right here between Yelp's buns! That’s right, from the legendary Le Tub to the polarizing 8 Oz, Miami is full of taste-y bur-gers. Now follow along as this flame-broiled Weekly gets all up in your grill to break down some of the juiciest, most mouth-watering burgers in town.

Perhaps a hamburger tastes best when topped with a little history. 2009 marked the return of 71-year old Royal Castle and the South Florida institution is once again serving their signature mini-burgers to devoted fans around the clock. Now supporters like Brian B can savor "good breakfast-style bacon (not the crap you get at some fast food joints)" atop their famous sliders. Greg A prefers to go big, with "a tasty, mammoth, gut-busting burger" at Kingdom: "In addition to their 9 oz. and 12 oz. burgers, they also now have a 24 oz. 'Doomsday' burger." Apocalypse wow. Also on the hunt for the prime patties, Eve C stumbled upon Rocky's, which "dishes up some of the best burgers and fries in this town." Ivan Drago, eat your heart out.

Miami being an international hub, we'd be remiss not to interject with some foreign takes on the traditional. When it comes to fast fritas piled high with crispy shoestring fries, nothing beats El Rey de las Fritas for Gianni D. Meanwhile, Rob C's favorite Colombian "hamburgers on steroids" are at MAO. "What makes them especially tasty is the crunchy fritas, the jamon, queso, mayo, egg, a couple of unknown tasty sauces and pineapple sauce at the end!"

See, even a classic can use a modern update. Metro serves burgers up hot, fresh, and organic, like Ramon C's, which was a medium-rare ground filet mignon that he "could taste was grass-fed." For a gourmet take, there can only be one... or perhaps about thirty varieties, offered at One Burger. Melanie E is in a burger love triangle between "the fancy bacon cheddar burger and the black, black, and blue burger, a subtle concoction that includes bean paste and blue cheese." Why not order both? And while Whisk may only serve burgers on Fridays, that's evidently often enough for a cult following. Danny F regards his weekly ground-chuck intake "like a secret affair, having at it with little regard to dining mores." It's Friday, and he's in love.

Where do you take a bite of the best? Talk is sizzlin'.

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