Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Yelp's Parkin' it!

Yelp's Parkin' it!
April 14

This Weekly Yelp brought to you by Sweat Records & Record Store Day 2009!

California Dreamin'? Guess they'd
never been to Florida!

Happy Birthday:
Party For Jimbo's 82nd!

The Nature of Photography:
Clyde Butcher and Antonia Wright

Forever Young:
YoPros Cocktail Hour

Wrap It Up:
Sushi Eating Contest For Charity Tonight!

¡Yo Quiero Mi Rock!
Miami Rock En Español
With the long, breezy spring days upon us, we've got nothing but clear skies and happy faces in Miami. The sun is shining; the birds chirping – what reason do you have not to be outdoors?! Grab that pic-a-nic basket Yogi, 'cause this week we're heading to the park!

First, follow this sage advice from Ginger H: "God gave us beautiful weather here in Miami, so get outside and enjoy it at Kennedy Park." While you're soaking up all those golden rays, refresh with some of the best frozen lemonade the city has to offer from institution AC's Icees. Maria T gives props to AC's three decades of business: "Homeboy keeps his prices real. A meager $2.50 gets you a cup of the most delicious Icee your taste buds have ever encountered."

Looking for a park with more to do and less to wear? Haulover Park offers a tennis center, golf course, marina and a clothing-optional section of the beach where you can bare it all. Jordan N dons his birthday best and assures us it's "much more comfortable." Not down to get naked? Go fly a kite! Haulover has prime gliding space and is home to Skyward Kites, where Joseluis A flew his very first, an experience he recalls as "so peaceful and relaxing."

Yelpers agree Deering Estate at Cutler is one of Miami's most beautiful and historic gems. Nydia G zens out here on her "lazy Saturday afternoons." Or check out Yelp Events for classes and tours galore at this happening Estate park. Still want a little more umph? How about renting hydro-bikes at Crandon Park, where Liana S and her crew come for an outdoor "day trip away from the usual haunts."

Attention joggers, dog-walkers and romantics – this next park's for you! On the southernmost tip of Miami Beach, wave goodbye to the pastel-wearing cruise-shipping masses of the Port of Miami alongside South Pointe Park. Alice S approves of its latest improvements: "Long, winding paths line the park with a mini waterpark and benches abound. The views of Fisher Island and the ocean are to die for," and it's an idyllic spot to gather for a picnic. Especially one packed by Joe, as in Joe's Take Away, right across the street -- but be warned that this is no average boxed lunch -- Franky A likens it to "taking home a piece of heaven."

Where do you park it? Tell us about it on Talk!

(A Word from Our Sponsor) Sweat Records Four Year Anniversary and Record Store Day 2009
The little record store that could and does turns four!
Four years ago Sweat Records was born and nothing has stopped it from becoming a cultural juggernaut. Surviving hurricanes and break-ins, Sweat still keeps breaking it down at the Vagabond every Friday. From music movie nights to Casa de Ha-Ha, a monthly open-mic stand-up comedy night, and selling the best vegan cupcakes in town this shop has something for every music lover/ intellectual/ pop-culturalist in town. Happy Birthday! and here's to many more! ¡Felicidades!

Come out and say Happy Anniversary to Miami's musical institution, Sweat Records.

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Sarah R.

Cathy F.

Siobhan V.
my cat can open doors.

Maria F.

Kevin P.
Gleaner of the Unknown, Unallowed,…


Picks of the Week
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George M. on Maximo Gomez Park / Domino Park
"Came here after breakfast so it was about 9:30 on a Saturday morning and even at that time of the day the games are INTENSE
I sat down on one of the benches watching some of the games and reading the paper looking interested but playing a bit hard to get I was able to start a conversation with…"
Gita R. on The Barnacle
"The Barnacle is one of the hidden gems of Coconut Grove...if you're a nature lover like me, or a history buff. After you enter the gates, there is a nice walkway of mostly native plants. The house itself - the home of Commodore Munro - is very cool to visit (once) and I definitely recommend the…"
fatima f. on Fuchs Park
"Awesome little park...a nice pond with a beautiful fountain. Lots of ducks. Very nice playground area for toddlers and older children. Picnic tables and grills available. Only one shelter for parties at a small rental fee, even cheaper if you are a South Miami resident. The beauty of it is that…"
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