Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Election Day in North Miami Tomorrow...‏

Today is Election Day in North Miami, one of our largest and most Democratic cities in Dade County! Tell all North Miami voters you know!

If you have the time, please come and VOLUNTEER at the polls for our Local Democrats...anytime today between 7AM & 7PM.

Democrats for Mayor:
DEC Member - Councilman Jacques Despinosse - Call Liz Judd @ 305-205-4439
DEC Member - Activist Beverly Hilton - Call Beverly @ 786-553-8555
DEC Member (pending) - Attorney Andre Pierre - Call 305-398-9650
City Clerk Frank Wolland

Democrats for City Clerk:
DEC Member - Alix Desulme - www.alixdesulme.com or Call 305-685-1616
Carol Prager

Democrats for District #2:
DEC Member - Engineer/Teacher Claudio Sanchez - Call 305-893-4688
Councilman Michael Blynn - Call 305-893-5821
Activist Bonnie Schwartzbaum - Call 305-895-2511

Democrats for District #3:
Pastor Luna Marchand
Frmr. Police Officer/Small Business Owner Jean Marcellus

Want to attend the 2009 Florida Democratic Party State Convention?

The 2009 Florida Democratic Party Conference applications on online at our website homepage @ www.miamidadedemocrats.com

Please fill out and mail registration fee of $35 to DEC office by Noon JULY 20th!

Address: 1200 NW 78th Ave #214 Doral, FL 33126

Don't forget to check to the calendar and the blogs regularly!

Chairman BJ

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