Wednesday, April 21, 2010

VP Engineering NEEDED in Silicon Valley‏

We are conducting an executive search for a VP of Engineering for a company located in Silicon Valley. We are seeking an enthusiastic, high-energy, hands-on professional who can effectively manage across diverse technological disciplines. The Vice President of Engineering will be responsible for managing all aspects of the Engineering function, including new product design and development for hardware/software and prototypes, quality assurance, and process improvements/enhancements. The new VP will be responsible for keeping the product development on track, from concept to manufacturing transfer. Need someone who will work closely with other the rest of the Executive Team to develop and maintain the company's strategic direction and product roadmap. This is a great opportunity to join an innovative management team and a company that has already developed technology that can revolutionize the solar power industry.

Please let me know if you know someone that would be a good match for this opportunity. Whenever you refer someone to us that we place, we will send you a check for $1000 as a Referral Bonus. Please make sure the person you refer mentions your name so you can get credit for the referral. Or send me the person's contact info and we will contact the person directly. (Phone number and email address preferred.) We have several other executive positions open with other clients, so please check out the list on our website: Also, we are now using Twitter to first post new searches and updates on searches. You can follow us @MatchStar - or click Also, you can connect to my LinkedIn profile at Listed below my signature is additional information about this opportunity. Also, the complete job description is listed on our website, along with all of our other open positions.

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Thank you very much for your time.
Sincerely, Carolyne

Carolyne P. Connor, Founder & President
1395 Piccard Drive, Suite #180
Rockville, MD 20850
415.520.4600 (direct)
415.276.1900 (fax)
connor at

POSITION: Vice President of Engineering

COMPANY: Solar power company.

LOCATION: The position is located in the San Francisco Bay area (Silicon Valley.) Working remotely is not an option. Candidates must already live in the area or be willing to relocate.

COMPENSATION: Board is willing and able to put together the right package for the right candidate. The focus is on hiring the best candidate. This is a key position. Compensation includes base, bonus, stock options, 401k and full benefits package.

MANAGEMENT STYLE/CORPORATE CULTURE: This position reports directly to the CEO. Basically, the CEO prefers to agree to a set of objectives making sure that the objectives are clearly outlined and understood by the individual, then let the individual execute the plan. But, expects the individual to keep the CEO informed of progress. Individual must be able to go to the CEO when in need of help. Need people with new ideas and strong opinions, but able to move in a fast paced, ever-changing start up environment. Need someone that can hit the ground running. Corporate culture is very team oriented and results focused. There is a lot of open communication, transparency and exchange of new ideas. The CEO’s goal is to make sure everyone feels like he/she is an owner. It is very entrepreneurial, fun, friendly, and innovative.


* Must have held a position within last 12 months as Vice President or Senior Director of Engineering. Need a candidate that has experience as a VP of Engineering in multiple industries such as solar, power, systems, semiconductor, firmware, software, and/or automotive.
* Must have hands on experience developing products in ALL of the following areas: 1) software 2) firmware 3) boards 4) products manufactured for the outdoors and exposure to the elements.
* Prefer candidates that have experience working on any of the following projects:
o Pole mounted WLAN stations
o Outdoor video surveillance
o Smart utility meters
o Outdoor industrial process control systems
o Satellite ground stations
o Weather stations
o Ground radio navigation aids
o Automotive ECU
o Aviation ELT
o Outdoor HVAC controllers
o Line powered cable distribution amplifiers
o Cellular tower receiver LNA
* Must be a leader and manager, able to recruit first-rate talent and tightly coordinate their efforts. Initially, you will only have about a half dozen people reporting to you. Need someone who can lead, manage, motivate and coach a high-performing engineering team to ensure a highly disciplined, efficient and effective product development process.
* Prefer candidates with small and large company experience. Ideal candidates will have gone through the high growth and scalability issues of a startup or high growth stage company. Need someone who enjoys the entrepreneurial atmosphere of a small company, but has been through the experience of scaling up an enterprise to significant organization size and revenues. Experience working in a dynamic (i.e. “startup”) environment is preferred as well as a successful track record building a product from early adoption through market share leadership.
* BSEE or equivalent experience required. Advanced degrees preferred. Client is more focused on hiring someone who is very smart, gifted and innovative.

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