Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween at the Sunset Tavern‏

Bushmen Rock Halloween

Make sure you have the Sunset Tavern as part of your Halloween plans, The Bushmen will be rocking on the outdoor stage from 9-12 p.m. As you know, this is the one time of year when girls get to dress like strippers and not have to make excuses, so if you have your Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, Nurse, or whatever outfit, bring it.
Oh yes, and guys get to dress like dorks or like women - never understood the logic of it, but that's why I'm a rocker not a psych major. We'll be wearing our AC/DC, Winger, and Bon Jovi costumes.

Sunset Tavern
7230 SW 59th Ave. South Miami

The Brickell Irish Pub Loves THE BUSHMEN

Those of you who have seen our act recently know about The Bushmen difference - we rock hard, we sound great, and we leave all on stage. Last night we had the pleasure of once again energizing the crowd at the BIP, and we even got the City of Miami Chief of Police to shake his shoes. It appears Mr. John Timoney loves Tom Petty, so he couldn't help but shake it once we broke into American Girl. Mayor Manny Diaz seemed to be more into the newer stuff, but kept his composure - perhaps it was the pink tie.

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The Bushmen 10934 SW 24th Street Miami, FL 33186

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