Monday, January 26, 2009

Daily Candy- Top Chef "Cooking party"

Chef Salad
“Top Chef” Cooking Party

Quickfire challenge: Create a delicious amuse bouche with seasonal ingredients — using only a spork.

You have ten minutes. Go!

No matter the challenge, the food on Top Chef always looks tastier than Tom. Judge for yourself at Chef’s Night on February 21.

Local toque Jeff McInnis is bringing four of his fellow cheftestants home for a one-night-only food fest in the penthouse of the Pelican Hotel. (Ocean-view terrace? Check.)

Sample Jeff’s lamb merguez sausage with spicy harissa, Jamie “It’s Not Top Scallop” Lauren’s gazpacho, and Melissa Harrison’s lobster and pork belly shumai. Surely things will heat up when lovebirds Hosea Rosenberg and Leah Cohen get cooking. Put out the fire with ample booze from the open bar.

Tickets (a mere 175 of them) are on sale now.

Better pack your knives and go.

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Photo credit: Tracey Ann Jarrett

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