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Happy New Year! Again!
January 20

This Weekly Yelp brought to you by Fairchild's 3rd Annual International Chocolate Festival!

Wishing you an Ox-cellent year!

Made in China:
Mandarin Oriental celebrates Chinese New Year

Picking up
good vibrations?
Stop by Psychic Tuesday

Attention music nerds:
The Standard goes Off The Radar

The wait is over!
LOST viewing party at new burger bar 8oz!

A taste of Lebanon:
32nd Annual Lebanese Festival this weekend
Yes, you read correctly, we're celebrating the New Year...
the Chinese New Year! We can't think of a better way to celebrate the upcoming traditional festival than by feasting on some Kung Pao with family and friends. Not sure where to go? Grab your chopsticks, little dumpling, we've got your Chinese food fix right here, no MSG allowed.

Given the rise of small plate popularity, we've gotta start with dim sum. Carla L's mouth waters at the mere thought of the variety brought to your table at Tropical Chinese. It's not customary, but their signature lychee martini can only lead to a fortuitous experience! Cindy W has a ball at nearby Kon Chau (and by that we mean shrimp balls and sesame balls, amongst other authentic dishes), as does Chelsea O, who was pleasantly surprised to find her favorite dessert, egg custard, on the serving cart. Sounds like our kind of happy ending.

Over in South Beach, Ciara L sums up Miss Yip in one word: dumplings. She suggests, "If you're feeling adventurous, try the soupy dumplings, which kind of explode when you eat them – but it's a delicious explosion." Also on the beach, Sum Yum Gai has found a winning formula: all-you-can-drink draft beer and Chinese cuisine. Like Katherine M, we can certainly appreciate any spot that "caters to lushes!"

This being Miami, everything seems to have a Latin touch. No surprise, then, to encounter the Chinese-Peruvian cuisine (better known as chifa) on your culinary adventures, at places like Chifa Chinese and Jose Antonio. Proving there is an endless possibility of fusion dining, Mister Chopstick is a kosher-Chinese hybrid along Arthur Godfrey Road, or 'Kosher Way' as Eve C calls it. Hmm, let's see: Szechuan chicken, hunan beef, chicken fried rice, pastrami on rye, hold the pickle!

While the sleek Asia de Cuba continues to impress with its Asian-Latin menu, fellow upscale eatery-in-a-hotel Phillipe has Maria T's heart and wallet: "If you just got paid and love Chinese food, go here. Yeah, you'll be eating Ramen for the next month, but the chicken satay is well worth the sacrifice." Wise words, Maria, and on that note, remember what Confucius once said: "Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”

Did we miss your favorite fried rice? Tell us all about it on Talk.

(A Word from Our Sponsor) Even when it's bad, it's so good
Chocolate....it's not just for breakfast anymore!
Indulge your inner choco-holic at Fairchild's 3rd Annual Chocolate Festival. This most decadent cocoa celebration will be providing a sweet touch to Fairchild Tropical Garden. Learn everything you ever wanted to know about how to make this food of the gods, listen to lectures on the rich history of cacao, visit the Chocolate Spa, explore the rainforest to learn how it grows and sample savory, sugary delights. Chocolate, our favorite food group.

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Picks of the Week
Reviews we liked this week.
Bertha G. on Tony Chan's Water Club
"I love Tony Chan's! My favroite part about it is that's it's located inside my building...so when I am in the mood for a Chinese Meal...I just dial the 7 digits.
I have General Tso's Chicken and Vegetable Fried Rice for dinner....we are two, we served ourselves twice and we still have enough left…"
Nydia G. on New Chinatown Restaurant
"As far as Chinese food goes, New Chinatown is the best non-heart attack inducing I've had in the area.

This place is not very appealing from the outside and there is nothing especially glamorous inside either, but the food has been consistently good for years.

Watch out for the awkward parking lot.…"
Jordan N. on Gold China
"Sure, there's no nicely decorated plates or silverware. There's no gold-studded walls, a high caliber chef, or a chandelier anywhere to be found.

What makes this good? Just the food, down and dirt-right good Chinese food. Not just any food, but authentic food!

Yes, again... I do know that there's not…"
Fresh Lists
The newest of our users' favorites. chinese fix
"if you only knew..."
Miami Asian Cuisine
"my ambitious attempt to find the best japanese, chinese, korean, vietnamese, thai food in South Florida (work in progress, mostly miami), it's gonna take awhile--hey this is hard work..."
sushi in miami (+ assorted asian cuisine)
"asian food in miami, the good and the bad.

(far from complete, see Rob C.'s Asian list if you need a more comprehensive list, hah)"
My Miami Experience with Asian Cuisine
"I have not been too impressed with Asian cuisine in the Miami area, but have managed to find a few gems. Here is my experience thus far."

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