Monday, February 11, 2008

Andu- new restaurant

Do You Take This Restaurant?
Andu Opens

Dearly beloved: We are gathered here today for a union in holy gastronomy.

To say Andú.

Brothers Antonio and Juan Pablo Viejo have joined hands to bring you the restaurant, opening today, which unites high ceilings, silver curtains, and hundreds of lighted glass bubbles overhead.

For what greater thing is there than salt cod brandade with preserved lemon and sun-dried tomato tapenade? Shellfish escabeche? Asparagus and beet salad with gorgonzola, baby spinach, and pancetta?

Order family style (grilled Maine lobster with chile garlic butter) or individually (goat cheese crusted lamb loin with Provençal vegetables, mushroom cannelloni with herbed ricotta and truffle sage jus); love takes all forms.

Let no man put asunder the innovative cocktails (rose petal martini, please).

Does someone have the ring? Ah, here: a Florida orange-glazed donut with white hot chocolate.

You may now kiss the chef.

Andú, 141 Southwest 7th Street (786-871-7005).

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