Wednesday, February 13, 2008

save the date! Nightscape's next "public outing" Feb 22 at Big Hoolies!‏


Save the date: We will be rockin' the house at

Big Hoolies, Friday Feb 22

From 9pm to 1am

Great Food, Drinks & Great Music at Hooligan's Pub & Oyster Bar

Big Hoolies Pub Rocks!

In the shopping center across from Shorty's BBQ
9555 S Dixie Hwy, Miami, FL 33156 Call (305) 663-2632


With renowned Blues Harp sensation Jeff Baker sitting in

Nightscape (nit'skap') n 1. A R&B/ blues/ jazz group improving one's outlook, view or vista of night scene. 2. A group of wonderfully spirited and eccentric professionals achieving proper balance between corporate and bohemian pursuits whenever playing music together. 3. A state of mind, esp a mindset achieving joy in life through the appreciation of and occasional practice of joint musical expression resulting in random acts of dance. –v –scaped, -scaping. To enhance or improve the mental framework of a group of people by coloring night with exuberant and infectious music. To be moved to spontaneous dance by the infectious music of 'Nightscape' –night'scap'er n A beloved member of or a supporter of the R&B/blues/jazz band 'Nightscape'.

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