Tuesday, February 26, 2008



Sends you Huge Thanks!!!!!

Big Hoolies, Sends you Huge Thanks and Huge Coudos!!!

At the end of last Friday evening's gig, Steve, Hooligan's General Manager came up to us and said:

"Never in the history of my (lengthy) time at Hooligans have I seen a band pack the place the way you said you would."

He also said that all of the staff had been remarking throughout the evening about

how terrific the Nightscaper Crowd was.

The attributes used to describe you were:

"Bright, professional, upbeat, courteous, good looking, balanced, fun, and ready to have a good time." (sounds like Lake Woebegone)

We couldnt agree more!!

Thanks to everyone! We had a total blast and we were feeding off the energy and party you were having!

Great Food, Drinks & Great Music at Hooligan's Pub & Oyster Bar

Big Hoolies Pub Rocks!

In the shopping center across from Shorty's BBQ
9555 S Dixie Hwy, Miami, FL 33156 Call (305) 663-2632 www.hooliganspub.com

Nightscape (nit'skap') n 1. A R&B/ blues/ jazz group improving one's outlook, view or vista of night scene. 2. A group of wonderfully spirited and eccentric professionals achieving proper balance between corporate and bohemian pursuits whenever playing music together. 3. A state of mind, esp a mindset achieving joy in life through the appreciation of and occasional practice of joint musical expression resulting in random acts of dance. –v –scaped, -scaping. To enhance or improve the mental framework of a group of people by coloring night with exuberant and infectious music. To be moved to spontaneous dance by the infectious music of 'Nightscape' –night'scap'er n A beloved member of or a supporter of the R&B/blues/jazz band 'Nightscape'. www.nightscapeband.com

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