Thursday, September 3, 2009

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Somewhere over the Rainbow
Fresh Gardens U-Pik Tropical Fruits

Dear Auntie Em,

I visited the Emerald City just south of Miami (which gets its jewel-like hue from all the farms and exotic palm trees).

Down an unpaved dirt road, I discovered Fresh Gardens, a farm run by Bob Petrucci. This guy’s a wizard with tropical fruits: longans, star fruit, guavas, lychees, mameys, passion fruit, dragon fruit, you name it. He’s part of a national network called From the Farm that lets people purchase directly from farmers (who earn a bigger profit that way).

Fresh Gardens is open by appointment for those who want to come out, come out, wherever they are and pick their own fruit. (Tip: bring bug spray.) They also ship anywhere in the country, so if you only had a brain, you’d order mangoes before they’re out of season.


P.S. There’s no place like Homestead.

Fresh Gardens, 31400 Southwest 194th Avenue, Homestead (305-245-8388 or; online at

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