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Yelp's Got Your Cafécito‏

Yelp's Got Your Cafécito
September 29

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In Miami, coffee translates to café con leche, cortaditos, y coladas. While we know that the corner Cuban cafeteria counter can heat it up with brown sugar on top, Miami also has more cafés and coffee houses than you might realize. This week we're serving a freshly brewed compilation of hot and steamy places to get your java fix. Au lait!

Tim S is passionate about his beans and shares, "Pasión is not your typical coffee place. It distinguishes itself by offering several blends from all over the Americas. Your choice is ground and brewed to order." Also in the Gables is Café Demetrio, complete with old world ambiance, dark wood interiors, and a garden turned patio where Jordan N tells us "you find yourself surrounded by an over-sized (chess) knight and lush greenery... and they serve your coffee with a heart in the foam, in porcelain cups, and with a cup of water on the side." Need more of that Europhile feel? Head to Morning Call in South Miami, where Rula S is transported to Europe via "the pastries, the coffee, and the people!"

When Annabella S wants to get close to France without leaving South Beach, she checks in at A La Folie: "The vibe, the music, café au lait, and the baguettes might confuse you into thinking you are in a tiny Parisian café." According to Brandon B, "everyone already knows how good Taste is for lounging around, drinking coffee, playing on the Internet, and talking with friends." He's a keen observer since a second location just opened right off Lincoln Road. Alice S is already hooked: "The coffee selection is huge and they serve my absolute favorite tea brand." She adds, "If you're jonesing for a delicious breakfast or lunch, no other place will do."

That said, Todd B is more a Tinta man: "In terms of Cuban coffee, this is some of the best. They sell their own roasts, the wait staff are all very friendly, and no one bugs you if you linger to read or enjoy the free newspapers." Want your cup with a dash of pretense? Elizabeth P knows Le Café has that icy, cool vibe "where you can discuss the latest happenings on literature and philosophy." And for the coffee-loving achiever on the go, get revved up with Martin O at Europa Carwash and Café – a shiny car and an "extraordinary mocha?" Fill' er up!

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Picks of the Week
Reviews we liked this week.
Sona B. on Out of the Blue Café
"I've been looking for a chill coffee shop where I could do a little studying, cure my caffeine withdrawl, and waste some time. Out of the Blue was perfect. More like "out of the way", it's on a street next to some beat down buildings and parking was a bit sketch. However, once inside, the ambiance…"
Orion S. on Sedici Café & Grill
"This little shop is a hidden gem. Good everything!!! Fresh goods and sandwiches are definitely the best. The panini sandwiches are to die for, especially for the price. Excellent lunch spot that includes beer! What more can you ask for in a clutch cafe."
Chris S. on Cafetto Coffee & Cocoa
"I just love spending a lazy afternoon here reading and drinking coffee. This is a great place to come when you just need to reset and mellow out before jumping back into the chaos of life. I look forward to coming here once a week to spend some quiet time with myself as I unload, re-energize and…"
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MIA: Coffee & Tea
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