Thursday, September 3, 2009

Letting Go Power‏

Are you bringing peace and quietude into your life by letting go of your controlling thoughts? Notice this week how you hold on to being right and how you justify everything.

If you are having difficulties in your life or business commit to shifting your reality in one day by participating in one of our upcoming workshops.

Read below ... you might experience a miracle!!!

BizChampions Upcoming Events...Unleash the Power Within

· Accelerate fulfillment of intentions.
· Experience a new level of effectiveness, power and peace of mind.
· Distinguish the difference between force and power - and become powerful!
· Leap from the familiar to the unknown to produce extraordinary results.
· Discover the core abilities to attain your professional and personal goals.

· Elevate your energy flow through standing meditation.

Sign up now & Click to register below:

Being Champion Workshop, Miami, Oct 3, 2009
Meditation at Sea, Nov 5-9, 2009

(786) 556-2494 or e-mail roberto @

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