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Have Your Yelp And Eat It Too‏

Have Your Yelp And Eat It Too
September 15
Taste the Yelp difference.

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Remember school bake sales with their rows of tantalizing, sprinkle-topped cupcakes cast by eager mothers? As a kid, it was hard to imagine that those perfect and petite cakes could be improved in any way. But that's just what happened: cupcakes have reemerged in 2009 with more flavors, more icing, and more panache. And in this yelpy cupcake round-up we've proven wine isn't the only thing that gets better with time.

Andres S compares Misha's sinfully indulgent, red velvet cupcakes to: "Well, let's just say it's like slipping into a giant red velvetine body sock." Whoa, we're still talking cupcakes, right? Dan B fights the craving for Buttercream cupcakes as he shares: "Those little cakes are insidious bastards. They threaten to entrap you with an incurable addiction. There's something about the softness and quality of the icing that leaves you wanting more." Just so long as they're not inglourious basterds. Ginger H falls at the other end of the sugar spectrum as she "loathed, hated and despised cake--until now." SweetCakes somehow came up with an icing (and a cupcake) that's Ginger-friendly (and super cute to boot)." Fortunately, they also "come in more flavors than your grandma's cupcakes ever dreamed of."

For the health conscious consumer with kids or health concerns, Bunnie Cakes bakes tyke-friendly, allergen-free treats in flavors such as very vanilla and pink lemonade. And vegans need not feel left out of the cupcake craze; you can also score some animal-friendly Earthcakes at Sweat Records while you're there throwing back a fair trade frappe, browsing for your new fave indie band's music, or picking up some DVDs. This is just the sort of spot that makes Jessica G "enjoy supporting local business!" Now that's sweet!

Proving cupcakes aren't just for breakfast anymore, Neomi's boasts a brunch with its own cupcake bar, serving up chocolate-cabernet, rum raisin, maple walnut, lemon meringue, and a marble chocolate cupcake paired with tofu and maple frosting. When Sabrina L was turning the big 3-0, her friends turned to 2 Girls and a Cupcake for help with the sugary planning. They made black and white cupcakes in the shape of the number 30 that left the birthday girl singing their praises. If you want major taste sans a massive price tag? Sugar Girl is your go-to gal. Jen F delights in their white chocolate raspberry but admits "the piña colada was really good too!" With flavors like Snowing in Miami, Havana Nights, and Cafe Con Leche to tempt your sweet tooth, these little babies really take the cake and so should you!
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Doris L. on Lola's CupCakery
"It's not that I'm a HUGE fan of cupcakes- I just love the idea of them, the look of them, their size and shape and festiveness. But Lola's has brought my cupcake affinity to a new level. Hands down - the best tasting flippin' cupcakes I've ever had. And I've been around the cupcake block.

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Amber T. on Kilwin's
"We recently tried a new Kilwin's creation, the cupcake sundae. I had the "regular size" sundae with warm strawberry cupcake, strawberry chunk ice cream and cream cheese icing. It was a friggin strawberry ecstasy. Perfect portion for one person and enough cupcake, icing and ice cream to get a bit of…"
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Caroline B. on Allegria Frozen Yogurt & Cupcakes
"I love this place! Their frozen yogurt is awesome. It tastes like regular ice cream. My fave is chocolate froyo with count chocula cereal and oreo pieces. Chocolate on Chocolate. Its awesome. I love their cupcakes too. I went on a trip a bought several of their cupcakes for the road. The carrot cake…"

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