Friday, September 4, 2009

Firelogs, Downward Dogs, and Snakes, Oh My!‏

Firelogs, Downward Dogs, and Snakes, Oh My!
September 01

This Weekly Yelp brought to you by 8th Annual Miami International Wine Fair

Put your back into it
at Yoga Groove!

You Never Had
This Much Fun In Bed:
Coconut Grove Bed Races

Follow The Laser:
Fabulous First Friday Laser Shows at the Plantetarium

Blind Date:
MOCA Mystery Dates Kick-Off Party

Core Values:
Exhale Opens in Miami

Big Things Poppin'!
PopLife Arrives at the Pickle
Close your eyes. Clear your mind. Breathe in, breathe out, and prepare for today's lesson. From headstands and backbends to Warrior, Cobra and Child's Pose, yoga can sometimes be overwhelming. But because we love you and we want you to be happy (another one of yoga's perks), we invite you to focus deeply on this Weekly to find balance and a studio you can call om sweet om.

First-timer? When Jorge R was looking for a place to get his Eagle on, he turned to fellow yelpers on Talk. Their expert advice? An introductory course at Miami Life Center, where he found "the teacher to be very patient with the students, which was key." Another yoga newbie, Maria S, signed up for the four-week Intro to Yoga class at Prana and couldn't be happier: "The studio is very pretty, well-organized and the staff is great." She "chose Prana because they offer tons of classes five days a week and have them as late as 7:30pm during the weekend." Perfect for the yogi on the go!

When it comes to yoga, some like it (very) hot. Jennifer W gets heated at Bikram Hot Yoga Miami and one of the "only words that fully explains the experience is: clean." For those not familiar with Bikram, she provides a rundown: "90 minutes of two breathing exercises, holding 26 poses twice each side in a room that is 105 degrees with about 40% humidity and it's recommended at least 10x a month." Likewise, David G sweats it all out at Bikram Yoga, where "the teachers have energy, students are committed and the vibe is good." According to their website, "laughter, tears and moans are anticipated."

Yogi on a budget? There are plenty of very affordable ways to practice this 5,000 year-old science of wholeness, unity, and peace. As a fan of this lifestyle, Whitney R knows how expensive it is to belong to a studio, so the free yoga at Bayfront is a great alternative. Three classes a week for free! "While you're bending, stretching and working on getting your dog to go more downward you can see beautiful Downtown Miami or the blue waters of Biscayne Bay." And if you want to be even closer to the water for some sandy sun salutations, open wide and say 'ommm' to Beach Yoga's classes. Namaste, yelpers!

Where do you find inner peace? Talk to us!

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