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APRIL at the Miami Beach Cinematheque!‏

APRIL 2008
Festivals, Festivals, and more Festivals!
The on-going film festival where you don't just watch films, you experience them!
512 Espanola Way at Plaza de Espana (305) 67-FILMS (673-4567)

APRIL at a Glance:

South Beach International Animation Film Festival (THU 03-06)

Miami Beach Dance Festival Night at the Movies (TUE 08)

Sicilian Film Festival, with special guest FRANCO NERO (WED 09-14)

Independent LENS: A Dream In Doubt (THU 17)

"Cine-IMPROV Live": Jarman! (SAT 19)

Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival (April 25-May 03)

with"On The Edge: The Films of DEREK JARMAN" (April 26-May 23)

and "Travesti Extraordinaire" Exhibition by Lesly Hamilton

DOCUSPAIN: Memory Train (SUN 27)

South Beach InternationalAnimation Festival

03 THU 8:30pm:

International and Art House Animation

(including , but not limited to, the following short films)

Jingaroo (Beckett Entertainment/Australia/10:00)

What cartoons do the kids "Down Under" watch?

One Skin (Gudrun Cram-Drach/USA/10:16)

One women?s journey.

A-ha! Butterfly Rescuers (Paul Paik/Korea/4:21)

Insects living in a ending machine are force to find a new home.

Let Her See The World (India/5:00)

A protest against "Female Foeticide".

Anti Smoking (India/1:05)

Third World countries are addressing the issue of cigarette smoking.

YoYo (Boaz Zachary/Australia/3:10)

How one adventurous boy surfs the big ones in Australia.

04 FRI 8:30pm: Animation for Adults

(including , but not limited to, the following short films)

Father & Son (Shawn Robertson/USA/1:30)

The time honored ritual of a father teaching his son how to throw a

ball. How sweet. Or is it?

Chicken Sushi (Rich Jackson/USA/1:07)

Coming to a diner near you?

Yum Yum  Treats (Matthew Feuer/USA/:30)

Man?s best friend does his best to negotiate getting the treat of his dreams.

It Could Be Worse (Zack Horn/USA/5:32)

This film is dedicated to anyone who has lost a night?s sleep with a snoozer.

Alley Cats (Derrik Dean/USA/7:22)

Ladies, a sale and a bowling alley. What could go wrong?

Nude Nule (Soule Movie/Korea/X Rated/3:00)

On a country back road one man does his best to bridge the generation gap.

Once you see this film, you will never think of Korea the same way again.

05 SAT 2-4pm:

Saturday Afternoon with the Toons

Concept Development Workshop

Have you ever had an idea for a great cartoon? Come to this workshop and learn

how to get the idea out of your head and down on paper. Once on paper your concept

is just a pencil stroke away from becoming a short film. The two-hour workshop will

allow participants to explore the relation between story and character development.
Through enjoyable and creative exercises (principles of writing, story design and

cinematography) they will develop their own story learning how to translate an idea
into an initial storyboard?s first draft.
With Diana Arrambide of the Computer Animation Department

of Miami International University of Art & Design.

$15 or $12 MBC Members

05 SAT 8pm:

Awards Night with Awards Party

categories include grand master, international, student

(including , but not limited to, the following short films)

Duck Amuck (Chuck Jones/USA/10:00)

One of the greatest cartoons in the Warner Bros. library from its

Golden Age of Animation is, hands down, this 1953 classic.

A Mouse?s Tale (Sam Armitage/UK/3:10)

A tale of an English mouse, his mother and a curious cat.

Monster For Sale (Simon Testro/UK/3:10)

One boy?s answer to the neighborhood bullies is to hire a Monster.

Let Her See The World (India/5:00)

A political protest against "Female Foeticide"

Hope Springs Eternal (on Noble/USA/7:05)

Such a loser he can?t even commit suicide without screwing up.

Sweet Robbery (Guy Bourraine Jr/USA/12:04)

A sweet old lady is home all alone when a cat burglar enters her home.

After the films meet the animators for Q&A.

Join us afterwards for the Awards Party at CAMEO

(free admission and open bar 10pm-Midnight!)

06 SUN 8pm:

Best of Ottawa Animation Film Festival

The largest of its kind in North America

The Best of Ottawa program showcases many of the outstanding films
presented in the world famous Ottawa Internnational Animation Film

Festival?s official competition. The 2007 program includes exceptional

films from Tom Brown & Daniel Gray, Aaron Augenblick, Tibor Bancozki,

and Matthew Walker. The selected films competed in six main competitions:

Feature Film, New Media, Independent Short Films, Commissioned Films,

Student Films and Animation Made for Children.

Miami Beach Dance Festival

Night at the Movies!

08 TUE 8pm: All That Jazz (Bob Fosse/1979)

With Roy Scheider, Jessica Lang, and Anne Reinking

Like with his previous work abaret, director/choreographer Bob Fosse

succeeds in making a great cinematic modern deconstructivist musical,

thanks to the realism (and surrealism) in presenting the outstanding musical

numbers, and their relationship to the core of the story. As an autobiographical

homage to the world of dance and theatre, Fosse creates an alter-ego, ?Joe

Gideon? (played by the recently deceased Roy Scheider in his best ever role).

Joe lives a life of glitz, glamour, tragedy and drama?with a daily dose of

Vivaldi, Visine, Alka-Seltzer, Dexadrine, and sex, much like his creator (Bob),

who goes as far as predicting his own demise by drug addiction.

WINNER: Palm d?Or Cannes Film Festival

Academy Awards: Art Direction, Editing, Costume Design, Score

Self-reflexive, narcissistic, and entertaining, this film is Fosse's 8 1/2.

High production values and superb acting by Roy Scheider as the artist's

alter-ego makes this musical Fosse's best work.--Emanuel

The film will be preceded by an informal talk

with Broadway dancer Christine Bailey

Sicilian Film Festival of Miami

09 WED: SFF Opening Night

with special guest


6:30pm: Wines of Sicily tasting

7:20pm: How to Kill A Judge

(Perche si uccide un magistrato) Damiano Damiani/1974

With Franco Nero, Francoise Fabian, Pier Luigi Apr?:p>

A young film-maker, Giacomo Solaris, is in Palermo for the preview of his

latest success: a crime thriller about a judge who gets too friendly with the

Mafia and is murdered. A resentful Sicilian magistrate orders the film seized,

but then he winds up dead, in a fashion just like that in Solaris's movie.

Q&A with actor Franco Nero follows the film

This special event is $30 (or $25 for MBC Members)

9:45pm: Short With Love, Rossana

10:15pm: The Terracotta Dog

(Il cane di terracotta) Director: Alberto Sironi/2000

With Luca Zingaretti, Katharina B? Giuseppe Lo Presti,

Uncovered in a cave is a secret chamber where two murdered young

people were buried according to a bizarre ritual, presumably in the 1940's.

10 THU: Sicilian Film Festival

7:30pm: Billo, the Grand Dakhaar

(Billo il Grand Dakhaar)

Director: Laura Muscardin/2007

With Nomi Thierno Thiam, Susy Laude, Marco Binini

A sweet & sour comedy based on the true story of a young

Senegalese Muslim with a dream to become a fashion designer.

Between his penniless dodgy boat arrival on the Italian coast an

African and an Italian - Billo, our hero, survives it all.


SFF Cocktail Party at Karu and Y

Life Achivement Award to Franco Nero

with The Plague-Sower (Diceria dell untore)

With: Fernando Rey, Franco Nero, Vanessa Redgrave
featuring live performance by Marivana

Karu and Y

71 NW 14th Street


This special event is $40 (or $35 MBC Members)

11 FRI: Sicilian Film Festival

7pm: Documentary Stories of Sicily

(Racconti di Sicilia) by Sasa Salvaggio

7:55pm: Golden Door (Nuovomondo)

Director: Emanuele Crialese/2006

With Charlotte Gainsbourg, Vincenzo Amato

Set in 1913, Salvatore, a widowed father decides to make the

difficult voyage to America with his two sons. Just before boarding

the boat, they meet a mysterious and refined British woman

who pretends to be with them.

WINNER: Venezia 63 Silver Lion revelation, 2006

Italy's official submission to the Academy Awards

10pm: The Goldfinch and the Cat

(Il gatto e il cardellino) Director: Alberto Sironi/2001

With Luca Zingaretti, Cesare Bocci, Mariacristina Marocco

A series of mysterious muggings takes place in Vigata, ending in

tragedy when one ofthe victims is killed. Meanwhile, a man virtually

destroys the emergency room of the local hospital on discovering that

his daughter is pregnant. A local gynaecologist has also gone missing

and could possibly be dead. Links between these incidents brings each

case to a surprising conclusion.

12 SAT: Sicilian Film Festival

5:30pm: Wine tasting Wines of Sicily

6pm: A Conference with Director Vito Zagarrio:

The Italian American cinema in Hollywood

6:30pm: Three days of Anarchy

(Tre Giorni di Anarchia) Vito Zagarrio/2006

With Enrico Lo Verso, Luigi Maria Burruano

Sicily, July 1943. A little town is shocked by the landing of the

American troops. Fascism is over, but the Americans have not

arrived yet. For three days, the population lives in Utopia, in the

intermission of the power.

WINNER: AJACCIO, Best Film and Best Actor

This special event is $15 ($12 MBC Members)

8:15pm: The Unknown Woman

(La Sconosciuta) Giuseppe Tornatore/2006

With Michele Placido, Xenia Rappaport, Claudia Gerini

A mysterious Russian woman deliberately insinuates herself into

the lives of a young, affluent Italian family, leading the demons

of her horrific past to their doorstep.

WINNER: Best Film & Director, Moscow Int.Film Festival

Italy?s official submission to the Academy Awards

Followed by The Official After-Party at The orge

Complimentary champagne until midnight

Rsvp Required to Juan Carlos:

13 SUN: Sicilian Film Festival

6pm: Anita, a life for Garibaldi

(Anita, una vita per Garibaldi)

Director: Aurelio Grimaldi/2006

With Maurizio Aiello, Milena Toscano, Ignazio Oliva

Anita is an 18-year-old-girl who, after her fathers death,

has to live in Laguna, the small town where her mother works.

She wishes for a better life and tries desperately to change her situation.

The film is inspired by the figure of Aninha Ribeira de Silva,

the girl Giuseppe Garibaldi met in Brazil in 1839.

WINNER: Italia Film Festival Internazionale del Salerno.

7:45pm: Nothing Is As It Seems

(Niente e come sembra) Franco Battiato/2007

With Giulio Brogi, Pamela Villoresi, Alejandro Jodorowsky

Although retired, Giulio continues to practise his old profession-

teaching Cultural Anthropology at IULM in Milan. He finds shelter

and hospitality where a strange meeting is taking place and it is there

that he will become caught up in an overwhelming experience.

Festival & Awards: Mostra del Cinema di Roma


Sicilian Film Festival Fundraising Party

at Villa Viscuso

8300 Hawthorne Ave

Miami Beach

$100 includes Italian buffet,

Wines of Sicily, & cocktails

14 MON: Sicilian Film Festival

6pm: Sicilian Short Films:

Sicilia, a princess story

Simultaneous Worlds (Mondi Simultanei)

The Last man in Brooklyn

Miss Miro' & Capitan Manzoni (S.Catania)

Aphrodites? Birth ( La Nascita di Afrodite )

I have learned... (Ho imparato che...)

A Murder Noir (Delitto con giallo)

The Woman on the Painting

Complimentary admission (Donations always welcome!)

7:30pm: Sicilian Documentaries:

A Sicilian Odyssey (Odissea siciliana)

Places, Memories (Il luogo, la memoria)

Director: Vittorio Nevano/2007

With Andrea Camilleri, Fabio Cannarozzo, Carlo Greca

Writer and director Andrea Camilleri looks back at his youth in Enna,

a city where he discovered the pleasures of reading and writing.

WINNER: CMCA Festival Award 2007

Complimentary admission (Donations always welcome!)

8:45pm: The Moon's Child

(Il Figlio della Luna) Gianfranco Albano/2007

With Paolo Briguglia e Lunetta Savino, Antonio Milo

The Moon?s Child is inspired by the true story of Fulvio Frisone,

a nuclear physicist who lives and works in Sicily. Fulvio was born

with severe birth defects and as a result, doctors diagnose the

impossibility for him to interact with the world.

WINNER: International tv Festival Bar Montenegro 2007

10:45pm: Cut And Paste

(Copia e incolla/Kas Wa Lask)

Director: Hala Kalil Arabic with English subtitles

As she turns thirty, Camilla dreams of emigrating to new lands. She meets

Youssef who is also thinking of travelling abroad. They make a deal that

would help both of them to easily emigrate. But the plan goes to the

direction that was not planned for it.

17 THU 8:30pm: Independent LENS 2008

Florida exclusive previews of award winning documentaries

Presented with HANDS ON MIAMI

A Dream In Doubt (Tami Yeager/2007)

It was the first hate-based murder in the wake of September 11, 2001--one of

thousands of reported and unreported hate crimes in the years that followed.

The victim: a turbaned Sikh man in Mesa, Arizona, where his family had sought

religious freedom, searching for the American Dream. Meet a family still

determined to believe in that dream, even as the nightmare continues for many

religious and ethnic minorities in a climate of xenophobia and fear.

WINNER: Grand Jury Special Mention Slamdance Film Festival

Special Jury Award San Francisco Asian Film Festival

Complimentary screening. Donations always welcome!

19 SAT 8:30pm: Cine-IMPROV!

A LIVE Comedic Jam served with cinema on the side!

Miami's hottest improv actors Michael Murray and Sasha Weisfeld

welcome some of South Florida?s best improvisers... to perform unscripted

theater based on your suggestions, in the art of long form improv," rather than

the typical comedy you see at the clubs and on TV. Including film dubbing, the

Armando Diaz Experience, and a live improvised "movie" based on the life

experiences of one of our audience members, with stylistic parody, edits,

comedic characters, and other scenic devices.

This month?s theme: DEREK JARMAN!


Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

(April 25-May 04)

On The Edge: The Films of DEREK JARMAN

(April 26-May 23)


Projections*Edward II*Wittgenstein*

with Travesti Extraordinaire

MBC Photography Exhibition by Lesly Hamilton


connection Click HERE.

He opened the door with a

camera and never turned it off

-Tilda Swinton

Photo: Time Out London

26 SAT 7:45pm:

On The Edge:


Caravaggio (Derek JarmanUK/1986/90 mins.

With Dexter Fletcher, Tilda Swinton, Nigel Terry

In this groundbreaking work of historic homoerotism, director Derek

Jarman uses the painterly aesthetic style of his famous subject to reflect the

story of art, homosexuality, and identity. The film is like a painting itself,

mirroring the nearly blasphemous works of the seventeenth century artist

who flirted with the underworld and created a complex mix of violence and

sex on canvas. In a life of poverty, young, beautiful Caravaggio (played by

Dexter Fletcher) falls into a scandalous and controversial method of working,

surrounding himself with models who are gamblers, prostitutes, and schemers.

One such prostitute, Lena (played by Academy Award winner Tilda Swinton)

adds complications to his life by becoming deeply involved in his affairs..

WINNER: Berlin Int. Film Festival (for its visual shaping)

Istanbul Int. Film Festival Special Jury Prize

Followed by the Opening Night Reception of

The MBC April-May Photography Exhibition:

Travesti Extraordinaire by Lesly Hamilton

with Glitterbug (1994)

A posthumous montage tribute by Jarman's colleagues,

set to the music of Brian Eno

Travesti Extraordinaire portrays the sublimation of identity. It is the gaining of a

new power, through a mask or make-up by male or female, specifically creating a

means of seduction. It is a disguise of sorts where charm and eroticism combine,

excelling in glamour; an extravagant game which has for so long sustained in my

mind a fascinating mystery! Lesly Hamilton

Film and Artist Reception to follow: $10 and $6 MBC Members

27 SUN 8pm: DOCUSPAIN Season Finale!

Memory Train (El tren de la memoria)

(Marta Arribas and Ana Perez/Spain 2006)

A sensitive and thought-provoking documentary that artfully weaves

interviews and extraordinary historical footage to tell the story of a hidden

part of European history, Memory Train concerns the officially sanctioned

mass exodus of some two million Spaniards to work in European factories.

Every DOCUSPAIN film will be followed by an afterparty at

Tapas y Tintos, featuring LIVE Flamenco, complimentary tapas

and MAHOU beer for filmgoers!

More info on MGLFF and Derek Jarman

in MAY coming soon!


FILMS: $10 or $6 MBC Members & Students

SBAF Saturday Afternoon With The Toons Workshop: $15 or $12 MBC Members

SFF Opening Night with special guest FRANCO NERO: $30 or $25 Members

SFF Conference with Director Zagarrio: $15 or $12 MBC Members

SFF Fundraising Party at Villa Viscuso: $100

Independent LENS: complimentary

Doors open 1/2 hour before screenings


512 Espanola Way at Plaza de Espana (305) 67-FILMS (673-4567)




MBC is supported by the Miami Beach Cultural Arts Council and the Miami-Dade Department of Cultural

Affairs and the Cultural Affairs Council, the Miami Dade County Mayor and Board of County Commissioners

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