Sunday, April 13, 2008

Daily Candy- car wash

Shop Talk
Lionel, the Bicycle Guy

Chevy: Aren’t you filthy?

Porsche: What’s up with the dirty talk?

Chevy: No, Girl. You really are filthy.

Porsche: Butt out, Herbie. My owner doesn’t have time to schlep me to the car wash.

Chevy: Who needs to go anywhere? Just call Lionel, the Bicycle Guy. Lionel’s portable car wash will clean any car on the beach. He’s got supplies hitched to his bike. All your lazy butt has to do is call and set up an appointment. Then find a spot below 30th Street, and he’ll ride up and clean your filthy ass.

Porsche: Does he vaccum?

Chevy: Yeah, he buffs, details, you name it. And it costs only ten bucks … for the outside.

Porsche: How much if I want him inside me?

Chevy: That’s ten, too. Oh, and size doesn’t matter.

Porsche: It sure does. Honk.

Lionel, the Bicycle Guy (305-781-9262).

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