Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Great New World Symphony event May 10. 2008 Join Now!

Friends of New World Symphony, the award-winning, hip patron-support group of the New World Symphony and arts supporters Beau Beasley and Elliot Monter along with Miami Modern Luxury and Carmel Ophir will celebrate an eclectic night of music on Saturday, May 10 at the funky-chic new venue, The Vagabond from 8- 11pm.

A performance at 9:00 P.M. by NWS Fellows will feature classical, blues, reggae, rock, funk and house music.

Viola Fellow Dustin Budish will premiere a String Prelude that begins with a classical elegance and morphs into a House vibe as DJ JJ Neil adds sexy beats. Budish composed the arrangement for his electric violin, a string quartet, double bass and percussion.

Sensual vocalist Jette Kelly will sing the blues classic “Stormy Monday,” with music written by NWS Violinist Karen Franken. This duet is a “musical tango” performed on electric violin and vocals.

In addition, singer Fitzroy, bass player Buffalo and the NWS musicians will fuse the rootsy- vibe of island soul with elements of classical, and hip-hop. This ensemble will perform hits from Fitzroy’s album, “Her” and “When the Ground Falls.”

We will bring out the funk with long-time favorite, “Staying Alive,” written and arranged by NWS Trumpet Fellow Sam Hyken.

Baby Bam, of the seminal hip-house group the Jungle Brothers, will emcee songs from his new album, including "Girl I'll House You," a fun, danceable record conveying a positive, feel-good vibe consistent with his energetic, magnetic personality and stage presence.

The event is free for current Friends of New World Symphony members. Membership starts at $250 per year, and includes free admission to eight exclusive events in Miami and New York. Individual tickets are $75 and include admission to the event, cocktails and the show. For membership information, contact Stacey Glassman at 305-673-3330, ext. 230.

Pay on-line at Or fill out the attachment and send back via e-mail or fax.

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