Friday, April 11, 2008

Polo this Sunday! April 13 2008

Kindred Spirits will be sponsoring polo this Sunday, April 13th at the International Polo Club Palm Beach. We will be hosting both The Duque Room featuring Gran Duque De Alba Spanish Brandy and Dry Sack 15, and a Martin Miller's bar in the Ocean Drive Grand Marquee tent.

We have two weeks left for the season. If you are interested in attending this Sunday, April 13th, I will need all names (including guests) emailed by 1 p.m. Friday to aglaser @ There is $5 Valet parking available at the Ocean Drive tent and a hostess at the tent entrance will have the Kindred Spirits guest list. Please also print a copy of the attached International Polo Club invite for complementary entrance through the Club gates.

Below is a list of the Polo Season dates and directions.

Thank you for your support!

2008 Sunday Polo Schedule/The Duque Room Activation Dates

April 13th and 20th

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