Friday, May 9, 2008

Daily candy- offices

May 9, 2008
Home Box Office?
Brikolodge Office Space

Memo to: Dan
Re: Working from home
Your co-workers think your need to open the fridge six times before deciding on Mini-Wheats is distracting. Also, you’ve been wearing those pajamas for six days.

Memo to: Anna
You read your e-mails out loud.

Memo to: Dan
Perhaps one of us (you) should work at Brikolodge. The newly open shared office space straddles a happy medium between office environment and bohemian atmosphere. The spacious Wynwood loft has desks and chairs, secure Wi-Fi, a conference room, printers and scanners, a communal kitchen, and, most importantly, a reason to leave the apartment and commune with the outside world.

Membership has three levels: your own personal desk (on a monthly basis), shared space (three days a week), or day passes.

Memo to: Anna
What about my midday swim?

Memo to: Dan
They have a rooftop pool. But might I suggest showering first?

Brikolodge, Wynwood Lofts, 250 Northwest 23rd Street, ste. 204 (305-576-0181 or

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