Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tracey Hagen from Daily Candy

Heavy Metal
Tracey Hagen Metal Prints

You were sure it was Destiney. But then Bret tramp stamped and booted her only to make the sweet music with both Daisy and Ambre (and smooch “friend” Heather).

For heavy metal love that will actually last, there’s photographer Tracey Hagen’s metal prints.

The born and bred Miamian has been wielding a camera since age 8, around the time she started developing X-rays at her pop’s dentistry. Now a Bakehouse Art Complex resident, she’s transferring her photos onto metal.

Hagen will capture you or your loved ones (Fluffy and Sparky) in all their natural glory. Then she’ll work her magic, reprinting the image on aluminum. The result: an incandescent quality (as the metal refracts light, it gives the image depth and movement).

Have a picture too good for Facebook? Hagen can reprint your snapshot on metal — if the quality is up to snuff — or canvas, if you prefer.

The works aren’t cheap, but every rose has its thorn.

Tracey Hagen Photography (305-655-9288 or traceyhagen.com).

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