Friday, May 9, 2008

Friends of NWS invites you to "Symphony in the City", Saturday, May 10, 2008‏

Friends of New World Symphony, the award-winning, hip patron-support group of the New World Symphony along with Miami Modern Luxury and Chopin Vodka will celebrate an eclectic night of music on Saturday, May 10 at the funky-chic new venue, the Vagabond from 8- 11pm. The Vagabond is located at 30 NE 14th Street, Miami, Florida.

A one hour performance at 9:00 P.M. by NWS Fellows will feature classical, blues, reggae, rock, funk and house music.

The event is free for current Friends of New World Symphony members. Membership starts at $250 per year, and includes free admission to eight exclusive events in Miami and New York. Individual tickets are $75 and include admission to the event, cocktails and the show. For membership information or to purchase tickets, contact Stacey Glassman at 305-673-3330, ext. 230. You can pay on-line at

I hope to see you there.


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Friends of New World Symphony is headed by Chairperson Aaron Resnick and Vice Chairperson Dan Grech. Friends’ Executive Committee also includes Sarah Arison, Beau Beasley, Corina Biton, Dr. Darren Bruck, Nalini Charran, Sabrina Cohen, Scott Engelman, Jeff Feldman, Renee Fitterman, Lauren Funke, Lindsay Glassman, Jason C. Goldstein, Hemley Gonzalez, Orlando Gonzales, Stephanie Green, Calvin Kohli, Matt Krieger, Denisse Lemons, Tomas Loewy, Lisa Maister, Rebecca Mandelman, Ellen Marchman, David Martin, Marcia Martinez, Shoshanna Mehrpouyan, Anne Owen, Joanna Popper, Vanessa Poskanzer, Megan Quitoni, David Restainer, Brad Rosen, Amy Rosenberg, Alan Roth, Michael Sheehan, Alan Solis, Jen Sybers, Gustavo Tonelli, Dawn Toroker, Dindy Yokel and Alison Zhuk.

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