Friday, January 18, 2008

Kids clothes

Our new little store on the web.

Chi Chi Amor is a clothing line for kids, ages 0--5. Our clothes are hand-made by small family groups in Guatemala.
We are proud to be able to say that many (and increasingly more) of our products are made out of the
recycled huipiles and cortas, the traditional shirt and skirt worn by Guatemalan Mayan for all
you good people who are thinking "green" these days--you'll feel good about supporting us. ;)

Thanks for checking out the website and passing it on. We've come a long way and still have a LONG way
to go. Chi Chi Amor is a work in progress--it certainly
hasn't been easy, but it's fun and we're definately learning a lot about...a lot.

Check back every now and then...there are so many neat things that can be made out of the beautifully
woven textiles worn that make Guatemala so incredibly colorful and unique.

love and peace,

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