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Miami Beach Cinemateque - January 2008 schedule

18 FRI 8:30pm: “F* is for FELLINI!”

Amarcord (1973)

“The Fantastic World of Fellini”

With Puppela Maggio, Armando Brancia, Magali Noël, Ciccio Ingrassia

In Italian with English subtitles

Amarcord means “Mi

Ricordo” (or “I remember”) in the dialect of Rimini, the Italian town where

Federico Fellini grew up. Decades later, through the eyes of the most

notoriously creative individual in Italy, the townspeople and events of Rimini

come alive in a larger than life explosion of a fertile memory, in outrageously

bright colors rather than subdued tones. And with the help of memory being

the main catapult for this creation, it has triggered a connection with

generations of moviegoers who believe this is the “finest film ever made”.

WINNER: Academy Award Best Foreign Language Film

National Board of Review Best Foreign Language Film

New York Film Critics Best Film, Best Director

French Syndicate of Cinema Critics Best Foreign Film

(PS. This year's MOCA fundraiser is all about FELLINI! -see info below!)

19 SAT 8:30pm: “F* is for FELLINI!”

FELLINI: I’m a Born Liar

(Documentary/Damian Pettigrew/2003/France/Italy)

With Federico Fellini, Roberto Benigni, Dante Ferretti, Donald Sutherland,

Terrance Stamp, Giulietta Masina

What sets FELLINI: I’m A

Born Liar apart from normal portrait documentaries about legendary people

is that director Damian Pettigrew received lengthy, privileged, unprecedented

access to the maestro himself, for the last major interview of his life. Lifelong

friends and colleagues give insight into his boyhood and filmmaking career,

and his great creative marriage to Giulietta Masina. Laced with interviews

and classic clips, the film also literally retraces his footsteps by returning to

the famous locations of the films. What results is no mere portrait, but an

energetic, philosophical inquiry.

WINNER: Best Arts Documentary Baniff Rockie Award

European Film Awards Best Documentary

“A MUST FOR FELLINI LOVERS.... Seeing Fellini again in the flesh and

in his films is, as always, a pleasure and a teasing mystery - Fellini: I'm a Born

Liar" is best watched in conjunction with the films themselves.”

—Michael Wilmington Chicago Tribune

(PS. This year's MOCA fundraiser is all about FELLINI! -see info below!)

20 SUN, 7pm: “JUDAICA on Film” Special Event:

“The Portrait of Adele”: Looted Assets, Restituted Assets

an evening of film trailers and dialogue

The film Portrait of Adele, to be released

in the fall of 2008, explores one family’s successful reclamation of a famous Gustav

Klimt portrait and the larger issue of the campaign for restitution following the Holocaust.

Produced by two-time Academy Award winning producer Malcolm Clarke and directed

by noted Canadian documentary writer and director Ilana Linden, The Portrait of Adele

explores the relatively unknown chapter in the aftermath of the Holocaust-the campaign

for restitution-a moral beacon which re-humanizes Holocaust’s victims, restores their

identity, and continues to stir the moral conscience of the world.

Tonight’s event will include film trailers, discussion of looted assets, the Eizenstat

Group’s Restitution efforts, and the future of asset protection and Jewish identity.

Speakers include Robert Krakow, Executive Producer of the film,

and Larry Krakow, President of Global Financial Group, and

philanthropist and former member of the elite Golani Brigade of the

Israel Defense Forces, the leading equity investor in the film.

COMPLIMENTARY Admission (limited seating)

25 FRI 8:30pm: “F* is for FELLINI!”

La Città della donne (City of Women) (1980)

“Fellini Does Feminism”

With Marcello Mastroianni, Anna Prucnal, Bernice Stegers, Donatella Damiami

In Italian with English subtitles

Perhaps the occasional most politically incorrect person of power in Italy, Fellini

always had an outspoken way about making his points. A gentleman named Snàporaz,

(Marcello Mastroianni, the occasional alter ego of Fellini himself), is minding his own

business “admiring” women, as usual, in his own misogynist sort of way. He

unfortunately, or is it fortunately, stumbles upon a convention of feminists. The reality

of his “molto Italiano” machismo and the distant fantasy of blatant in-your-face

feminism clash, until the fear of women emerges, symbolically, and figuratively. So

much for that bubble...Snàporaz falls from grace amidst his most glorious fantasy

and his worst nightmare, combined.

WINNER: Italian Syndicate of Film Journalists Best Director, Best Production

Design, Best Cinematography, Best Costume Design

“PHENOMENAL! A gigantic motion picture spectacle!”—Vincent Canby NY Times

(PS. This year's MOCA fundraiser is all about FELLINI! -see info below!)

26 SAT noon-5pm: (a one day workshop)

MBC Filmmaking Workshop!

With instructor Dinorah de Jesús Rodriguez

Moving Image Installation: Creating a Cinematic Space I

During this dynamic and spontaneous 5-hour workshop, participants will collaborate

directly with multimedia artist Dinorah de Jesús Rodriguez on the creation of a moving image

installation at MBC. The group will collectively create a short digital video loop using a

camcorder and Final Cut Pro software, and will have use of a printer and scanner for

generating images on paper or transparency film. Discussion will center on the theory, politics,

techniques and imagery specific to public installation. This workshop will be different each

time that it is offered, and participants are encouraged to repeat it. Each session will explore

different aspects, theories and techniques in the practice of site-specific installation.

Participants are encouraged to bring in objects, imagery, video footage (mini-DV)

and sketches specific to this idea, as well as cameras, camcorders, or laptops.

$125 per person, ($100 MBC Members) includes limiuted materials fee

26 SAT 8:30pm: An Evening with Tamalyn Dallal

40 Days and 1001 Nights

Seeing the World Through the Eyes of a Dancer

Recently shown in Shanghai; Hong

Kong; Riccione, Italy; and at the "Amani"(Peace) Film Festival in Rwanda, this amazing

documentary is a sensory feast of sights, sounds, music and dance. With her often hidden

camera, Tamalyn Dallal shows rare examples of dance, some that have never been filmed

before. We see Banda Aceh, Indonesia after the tsunami, Palestinean refugee camps, life

in Islamic China, where much of the film "Kite Runner" was filmed, and much more.

Ms. Dallal will be present to talk about her experiences

and sign copies of her new book.

$12 and $10 MBC Members in advance / $15 at the door


Award winning, provocative documentaries in Spanish,

produced with Spanish support...once a month at MBC!

Presented by MAHOU, and PRAGDA Barcelona/New York,

with support from the Embassy of Spain, the Spain Foreign Cultural Corporation,

the International Documentary Association, and Tapas y Tintos restaurant.

The Basque Ball--Skin Against Stone (La Pelota Vasca)

(Julio Medem/Spain/2003)

“With over 100 interviews and reels upon reels of archive footage, La Pelota

Vasca is an incisive documentary on Spain, ETA, and the Basque region. Director

Julio Medem (Sex and Lucia) delivers a fascinating overview of the torturous

politics of the Basque area and the region’s notorious terrorist separatist group”

- Jamie Russell, BBC Radio

The highest grossing Spanish documentary of all time.

“Julio Medem’s best film”—Time Out

Every DOCUSPAIN film will be followed by an afterparty at Tapas y Tintos,

featuring LIVE Flamenco, complimentary tapas and MAHOU beer for filmgoers!

31 THU 8:30pm: Cine-IMPROV!

A LIVE Comedic Jam served with cinema on the side!

Miami’s hottest improv actors Michael Murray and Sasha Weisfeld

welcome some of South Florida’s best improvisers... to perform unscripted

theater based on your suggestions, in the art of “long form improv," rather

than the typical comedy you see at the clubs and on TV. Including film dubbing,

the "Armando Diaz Experience," and a live improvised "movie" based on the life

experiences of one of our audience members, with stylistic parody, edits, comedic

characters, and other scenic devices. Also featuring a special improvised musical

interlude" by the incomparable Sasha Weisfeld!

This month’s theme: FELLINI!

$12 or $10 MBC Members and Students

(PS. This year's MOCA fundraiser is all about FELLINI! -see info below!)

Feb 01 FRI 8:30pm: “F* is for FELLINI!”

E La Nave Va (And The Ship Sails On) (1983)

With Freddie Jones, Barbara Jefford, Victor Poletti, Peter Cellier, Pina Bausch

In Italian with English subtitles

In Fellini’s

last great film in the twilight of his career, under a paper moon and a cardboard

sea (on an intentionally artificial set at Cinecittà in Rome, designed by Dante

Ferretti and decorated by Francesca Lo Schiavo and Massimo Tavazzi), an

eccentric and exotic group of elite aristocrats and company set out on a luxury

oceanliner, to scatter the ashes of the recently departed world-famous opera

diva Tetua. Obliviously unaware, the illustrious entourage has no idea that it

is the eve of World War I, and along the way the ship will need to tend to a

rescue mission.

WINNER: Italian Syndicate of Film Journalists Best Director, Best Production

Design, Best Cinematography, Best Costume Design, Best Special Effects

“And The Ship Sails On floats serenely above the realities of ordinary movies—

not to deny the validity of those realities but to expand the imagination”

—Vincent Canby New York Times

(PS. This year's MOCA fundraiser is all about FELLINI! -see info below!)


512 Española Way at Plaza de España (305) 67-FILMS (673-4567)

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