Monday, January 21, 2008

What can you learn from American Idol?‏ January 22 2008

There is an amazing interview coming up on Tuesday,January 22and we've reserved a spot for you at no charge. Check out thenote below from Janet Attwood, co-author of the NY Timesbestseller, The Passion Test, who will host the interview. Then claim your seat and join us on Tuesday. With best wishes, Jack and Mark Dear Friends, I was one of those people who prided myself on the fact that I'd never watched American Idol. That is, until I did. Then I was hooked liked the rest of America. I loved the singing. I loved the drama. I loved the nail biting anticipation on "Results Night." But most of all, I loved watching people's dreams come true right before my eyes - and I loved that the dreamers were everyday people like you and me. No Idol was stick thin or model gorgeous. Few were the children of the rich and famous. None had theirsuccess handed to them on a silver platter. They did have talent but there are a lot of talented people outthere who never make it beyond community theater. These Idolshad something else. Now you have the chance to learn how to tap into that "something else" for yourself by listening in to our fr*ee Passion interviewwith Debra Poneman, co-author of Chicken Soup for the American Idol Soul on Tuesday, January 22. Debra is an internationally renowned teacher and president of Yesto Success Seminars, Inc. She spent 6 months interviewing Idols to co-author this book which unveils the secrets that have made dreams come true for so many on the #1 show in television history. On January 22 she will share the stories and principles that will allow you to make your own dreams come true. Debra is not only my first mentor, but mentor to many of today's top transformational leaders such as Marci Shimoff and Deepak Chopra. "For the last 25 years I've taught techniques for creating lasting success and deep fulfillment to tens of thousands of people around the world," says Debra. "It was amazing to me how each Idol I interviewed instinctivelyknew what they needed to do to rise to the top. When I finishedthe book, I realized that every story illustrated a different principleof success. Chicken Soup for the American Idol Soul may be anunlikely vehicle but it is a very powerful testimony to the value of these timeless principles." On Tuesday, January 22, it will be my pleasure to personallyinterview Debra Poneman as she shares with you the principles ofsuccess that she has taught over the last 25 years - and she willshow us how these principles guided the success of some of thesetop entertainers of our time. In this interview you'll learn: The principle that many Idols used to turn seeminglyinsurmountable obstacles into the impetus that propelled themto success The law of success that guided Idols like Clay Aiken and Mandissato be willing to risk everything - and the resulting miracles The process that Idols used to know when to speak up and whento let go The role that passion played in guiding them on their paths tosuccess The technique Debra taught Jordin Sparks that Jordin felt wasinstrumental to her being chosen the 2006 American Idol Please join me on Tuesday, January 22nd for this f*ree teleconference. You will discover that Debra is not only a brilliant speaker buta living example of the principles she teaches. Register now to be part of this event that I promise, will profoundlyimpact your life. Looking forward to being with you, Janet Attwood P.S. We have just 400 seats on this call for our partner's members,so be sure to register and claim you spot today. Then call in 5-10minutes early to make sure you secure your line. Register at nocharge here:

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