Wednesday, April 2, 2008

An invitation to make a difference‏

Hello All! Below is an email from a very good friend of mine, Igor Reyes, who is running a race to raise money for children in Nan-Palan, Haiti. He has included pictures. If you are moved by his mission and the possibility of making a difference for these children, then please click on the link to the website below and pledge a donation.

On behalf of Igor, the children of Nan-Palan and myself, thank you!



As many of you know and others may not yet know, it’s been 1 1/2 years since I have taken on running. It started out as a way of getting healthy and with the excuse of maintaining my health, I have become addicted. In this short time, I have run 5 marathons and 4 half marathons.

I'm writing because in less than a month, I will be heading to California to run a race. It will be a new experience for me, running 50 miles in the hills (foot hills of mountains) of Auburn, California. It will also be different from any race I have run in a very significant way.

The significant difference of this race, other than being twice the distance of a marathon, is that I will be raising money for a cause. I visited Haiti last year and was moved and inspired by the experience. It is a world that is hard to comprehend and impossible to describe. You may be able to conceive the conditions by knowin g that with the price of a pair of my running shoes I could feed 10 kids at a school for a month. Amor en Accion has opened up the opportunity to raise moneys for the children of Nan-Palan which is the school that I visited when I was in Haiti.

I am planning on raising enough money to feed 100 kids for a year. I will be collecting pledges from everyone I know and many that I don’t know. Whatever could be given; be it a dollar per mile, a dime per mile, or whatever your budget affords them. It will be received with the greatest of gratitude.

Please follow the links below for more information

To pledge -

Amor en Accion -

American River Endurance Race -

I want to remind you all that the race is approaching and emphasize that any pledge is of extraordinary value. Amor en Accion is able to feed a child for a month with $10.00. If I could walk away from this e-mail knowing one more child was fed for a month...... I am attaching an image of the children of Nan-Palan playing in their school yard. This is them.... This is the yard of their school.... This is their world.... and I was fortunate to play with them.

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