Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Are We Ready to Dance? Tonight at Miami Salsa Driven!‏

Hope you’re having another great day in paradise and looking forward to another fun-filled night at Miami Salsa Driven! We have classes , starting at 8 PM, at all three (3) levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Please be there a few minutes before for registration, since we will be starting on time.

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Miami Salsa Driven Performance Class

The Performance Class meets tonight at 9:30 PM, right after our regular class.

We will learn to perfect our perfect our timing, styling, technique all while learning a choreography to take our training to the next level.


Parking around the studio is now completely FREE. This includes the spaces right out in front of the gym. However, the lots with the white fences are still off limits.

Take advantage of our class Packages, including CLUB membership, and you’ll be advancing in no time. Ask us at registration.

Your Miami Salsa Driven Family!

IT’S PASSION That Drives Us!

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