Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Oscar Project‏

The Oscar Project is a local non-profit that I started last year in response to the tragic, drowning death of a 23-month old boy in Coconut Grove. The Oscar Project is endorsed and sponsored by Miami Children’s Hospital and we are currently finalizing an endorsement and partnership with the American Red Cross.

Since our first workshop, held on March 29, 2008, we have successfully trained and educated over 350 families and nannies in infant and child CPR, choking maneuvers for infants and children, injury prevention in the home and garden, first aid and basic childcare, pool and water safety, kitchen and bathroom safety, outdoor safety, poison control, fire safety and emergency management. We also hold held mini-workshops and CPR training classes that have touched over 2,500 people.

The goal of The Oscar Project is to educate and empower families and child caretakers so that they have the skills, tools and knowledge to prevent accidents and accidental deaths involving the children in their care. We also train and educate parents and child caregivers so that they know how to respond in the event of a crisis or emergency. The Oscar Project holds weekly 7-hour workshops in Spanish and English-language workshops upon request. While we work to save children’s lives, we are also empowering a group of people (primarily Latin American women) who often do not have a voice or vote in this country. We give them the tools and skills to find employment (or better, more lucrative employment) and assist them, when possible, in finding jobs.

Although we have a schedule of classes for the remainder of the year, The Oscar Project welcomes the opportunity to work on a private basis, providing a class or series of classes in private residences, community centers, schools, temples or churches. Our classes are available in English and Spanish and we are available weekdays and weekends.

Please forward this information on our program to those in your network. I would be most grateful.

Kindest regards,

Susan Linning
Founder and Director
The Oscar Project

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