Monday, July 20, 2009

Casting Calls

Casting Call: FOX is conducting a worldwide open call online to cast two characters for its upcoming 2010 comedy, Sons of Tucson. The plot is about a charming con man named Ron who is hired by three brothers to act as their father while their real one is serving prison time for a white collar crime. Specifically, FOX is looking to cast two of the brothers. Kids and teens, with or without acting experience are invited to upload their audition videos online through July 24 at . The show's Los Angeles-based casting directors will review each audition video and contact those they are interested in. Details on the two brother characters "Robby" and "Brandon" are as follows:
Robby - (8 years old) is the youngest Gunderson sibling. He's an impish and impulsive grade-schooler who needs Ron to bail him out when he accidently starts a fire at the back-to-school fair.It's partially for this reason that the Gundersons hire Ron full-time to pose as their dad.
Brandon - (13-15 years old) is the oldest of the Gunderson boys. He views life and the family's current situation through a somewhat warped lens. Energetic and upbeat, his eccentricity is charming at times, but his efforts to help his brothers often land them in hot water. He possesses terrific self confidence that is completely unearned.

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