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Yelp's Turning Japanese!‏

Yelp's Turning Japanese!
July 07

Anh D
There's always room for sushi...

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Holy shitaake! So many Japanese joints, so little time... yet only the freshest fish and most potent wasabi will ensure a rawkin' good time. Lucky for you, we've separated the 305's lightweights from the sumo-worthy championship contenders. So grab some sake and a Sapporo, 'cause this insider's guide to Japanese eats is the BOMB!

Not one to be lost in translation, Mike S heads to Matsuri, where "there are secret items on the Japanese menu, so work on your kanji! Sorry gaijins..." Jennifer W takes it a step further and goes sans menu at Sushi Ko, where her favorite sushi chef "flexes his creative muscles and comes up with amazing dishes," some of which (sushi sandwich, anyone?) land on the regular menu by popular demand. Su Shin Izakaya is somewhat infamous for its chef, Chika, happily shouting at every customer. Eschel H, however, focuses on their tapas-style "wall with 10-20 custom appetizers, daily specials, and desserts." Small packs a massive punch!

Proving that you can get quality sushi when rollin' in the suburbs, Akashi is home to the much yelped about Alex #2: heavenly bites of shrimp tempura, crab salad, masago, and cream cheese, topped with avocado, spicy mayo, eel sauce, and crunch. Christie P asks for "extra tempura flakes and extra eel sauce... it's like dessert meets main dish." For "melt in your mouth toro and outstanding uni," Cristina O sinks her chopsticks into Japanese Market. As for Effie C, well she revels in the "soft lighting, exposed wooden beams, and vintage Japanese décor" at Shibui. Look for her perched in "the cozy loft where you can enjoy your outrageously fresh, tasty sushi sitting on floor cushions. It's no wonder this place has been in business since back in the day before sushi was hip." We think that was during the Nixon administration.

Greg A tells us that Hiro's Yakko San plays it straight with authentic dishes like their signature crispy bok choy, and advises not to "come here looking to have a Dragon Roll. What you can expect here is bona fide Japanese food." Domo arigato, Greg! If you're looking for food as art, Rob C paints a tasty picture of Naoe: "It does take a certain palate sophistication to appreciate this place." Even better, they serve it up "omakase style – the nigiri will continue until you cry uncle or you've eaten everything in the restaurant." Ah yes, and this will surely beg the question, is that a maki in your belly, or are you just happy sashimi...?

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