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MIAMI | July 10, 2009

Say Cheese!
Casale Pizzeria-Mozzarella Bar Opens

There’s bad cheesy: acrylic nails, Ed Hardy hats, Wes from The Bachelorette (argh!).

And good cheesy: Taleggio, pecorino, burrata.

Making a strong showing in the latter category, Casale Pizzeria-Mozzarella Bar, opening today on South Beach.

From the owner of Sardinia, the resto serves mozzarella (burrata, bufala) made on-site by an Italian import (seriously, they flew a guy over). Pair it with antipasto like prosciutto or roasted peppers.

The thin-crust pies are cooked in a wood-burning oven and topped with high-quality ingredients like truffle pecorino and wild boar sausage. There’s a raw bar, cocktails made with fresh fruit, and a 100 percent Italian wine list — by the glass, quartino, or bottle.

There’s also a second-story outdoor lounge and a small shop with imported delicacies like olive oil and marinara.

If you’re feeling saucy.

Casale Pizzeria-Mozzarella Bar, 1800 Bay Road, South Beach (305-763-8088 or sardinia-ristorante.com).

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