Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Grittygirl Music Camp! Music, Visual Arts, TV production and Drama!!!‏

This special opportunity has come as an outreach of the March Women's History show co-produced by Gritty Girl Music. We had a mother (also an attorney with the Florida Supreme Court and President of Planned Parenthood Florida for several years) attend the show with her two daughters, age 11 and 13. She was impressed by their captive attention to the work as I showed them around. She has encouraged me to pilot a program for girls ages 11-14 in order to help educate them of their rich legacy and lift their self-esteem through music and art. I've included her letter at the tail end of this email.

Please spread the word! We are looking for 15 Gritty Girls! Also, I would love to hear your thoughts/feedback!


Michelle Riu
Gritty Girl Music

Calling all Grittygirls!!!

JOIN US for a two-week pilot summer camp for girls in the creative arts!

Sing your heart out!
Write and perform original songs in a pop rock band of your own creation!

Tell the world what inspires you on camera! Create empowering visual art!

This is a unique opportunity exclusive to only 15 girls, ages 11- 14.
Don't miss out!!!

July 13-17th, 20-24th
9:00AM -4:00PM

LOCATION: Oasis Ranch
Coconut Creek/Coral Springs Area

COST: $150./week

Music, Drama, Visual Arts, & TV production!!!

The only missing ingredient: Your daughters, your sisters, your friends, YOU!

What is a Grittygirl? Grittygirl is a spirited, fierce truth-teller. She is courageous and resolute, honoring her word and her body. A young woman of integrity, high self-esteem and clear boundaries, she is respectful of others, loving, ethical, and kind. She is a leader, a role-model, and a trusted volunteer in her community. Balancing creativity and critical thinking, she is emotionally intelligent and makes effective decisions.

Calling all Grittygirls!!!

We want YOU! : )

For more info or to enroll
Please call Marilyn at (954) 732-3345

or Michelle at (305) 951-9054

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