Monday, July 13, 2009

DailyCandy Miami Dedicated E-mail - Have a Nice Sip‏

MIAMI | July 13, 2009

Have a Nice Sip

Pineapple and pizza. Mix-and-match bikinis. You and a French bartender.

Sometimes the best pairings are the unexpected ones.

Here with a delightful surprise: DailyCandy and Patrón’s Perfect Pairings event, where top-shelf agave will be married with tasty bites at local hotspots.

The event, happening twice this summer at one of the town’s hottest locales, is a cozy gathering of friends (meaning space is limited). So enter now for the chance to win your tickets at

You’ll also be signed up for the Patron Social Club, which doles out exclusive insider info and helpful tips on drinking dapperly, plus VIP treatment for future soirees.

Even if you don’t win spots at the table, you can still score some bar tools (one-of-a-kind drinking glasses, silver party platters, etc.) to host an upscale event of your own. So go ahead: Take a chance on winning.

Everyone loves a surprise.

Enter online at

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