Wednesday, December 17, 2008

4 1/2 Minutes of Inspiration ... The Remarkable Story of Luma and Gabriel

In this short video clip from Rio de Janeiro ... walk with me into the heart of Latin America's largest slum, Rocinha favela ... let me introduce you to Luma and Gabriel, two amazing kids in a Developing Minds Foundation school ... feel what it's like for them to push past obstacles amid the violent chaos ... and meet Marcia, the extraordinary woman who could cower with fear under the watch of heavily armed gangs controlling the area ... but instead relies on raw courage and perseverance to develop the minds of these young children ... and in the process becomes a hero to thousands in her community.

Click for New Video: The Remarkable Story of Luma and Gabriel

This holiday season please consider placing an envelope beneath the Christmas tree, next to the Menorah or as part of any other ritual in keeping with your beliefs ... letting someone important to you know that you have made a contribution on their behalf ... opening up opportunities for Luma, Gabriel and others to get an education and have a happier life. You can also send a link of the video to the person on whose behalf you are giving ... your child, brother, sister, parent or friend.

Yes, material gifts are nice to offer and receive (and friends...I'm really counting on you this year!!!) ... but there is something special about making an investment in the future of humanity ... it brings to life the true meaning of hope and giving that this season is all about. To make a donation, you can use your credit card on the Developing Minds Foundation website.

Happy holidays ... and thank you for making this a great year for many of those who needed it the most.

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