Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Holiday Greeting by Ann Telnaes‏

ournalism is an act of faith. Supporting Women's eNews is a double-down act of faith that women will change the future for the better. Female political leaders rely on us to get their story out; battered women look to us to tell the world how systems can be transformed; women in Ethiopia stand taller knowing that we valued their words enough to put them on the Internet; and Arab women thank us for opening a window from which they can connect to the larger world.

Women's eNews wins prizes for its journalism and praise from women's advocates. This recognition really belongs to you. As an independent news operation, we cannot rely on government, corporations or foundations. That leaves only you. Without your contribution, we could not pay our reporters, our rent or even our Internet connection.

This year, we are determined to grow our audience and our influence with an updated Web site and new offices with space for the community of women to meet. Donate today and when you get an e-mail from Women's eNews with a great story that you forward to all of your friends, please say to yourself: I MADE THAT HAPPEN.

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