Monday, December 8, 2008

Genart - The Girlfriend Gift Guide‏

The Girlfriend Gift Guide
6 presents for your lady, no gift receipt required
Kissing Couple Necklace by Digby & Iona
Cute, cheeky charms of couples smooching and grabbing ass. Your gal will love you for giving her your own special PDA stamp of approval.

Elephant Shawl by Virginia Johnson
Cute overload on a warm & fuzzy scarf. Plus it's 100% eco-friendly. The elephants will never forget that you bought her a land-loomed scarf with no fabric waste. Such a thoughtful boyfriend.

Hubby Clutch Bag by Mogil
If you can pick out a stylish, utilitarian bag for her, you can do no wrong. This black leather clutch might even win over her best friend who still hates you for no reason.

2009 Vogue Paris Calendar
A treat for you both and way less expensive than nice lingerie. All the pin ups are outfitted in head to toe Louis Vuitton—a detail lost on most males but seriously appreciated by fashionista girlfriends.

Six Moral Tales by Eric Rohmer
Six films that span the best of times in French cinema. Each story involves a man, a woman, and a to-die-for backdrop. Pop these in before taking off for a night out with the guys. Your gal will be preoccupied with thoughts of slimy French men and you won't hear a peep from her all night.

Balloon Ride Print by Samantha Hahn
This classic image with a modern twist will fly your girl to the moon. Score extra points by picking out a pretty frame and tying it up with a big red ribbon.

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