Friday, December 19, 2008

DailyCandy Miami - Hed Case

Hed Case
Hed Kandi Gastrolounge Opens
hed's up!

Is Attention Deficit Dining spoiling your social life? Do you suffer ennui, anxiety, and depression in restaurants?

Next time ADD threatens, reach for newly opened Hed Kandi.

The lounge on Washington Avenue offers down-tempo dance music and molecular gastronomy. Hed Kandi works by stimulating all of your senses at once with dimmed fluorescent pillars and London DJ playlists.

The cuisine bends the mind. Take the Bruschetta 20/20: a fresh-squeezed tomato juice capsule on balsamic caviar and micro basil powder topped with garlic crouton crumbles, or the smoking sweet plantains wrapped in bacon and paired with a mojito popsicle shooter. The dessert menu, written on edible paper, lists ice cream blasted with nitrogen and spun with a pop-rock garnish.

Hed Kandi is safe to pair with alcohol (the Sexy Kandi cocktail has muddled strawberries).

But side effects may include dancing.

Hed Kandi Lounge, 1200 Washington Avenue, South Beach (305-695-1998 or

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