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This TUE & WED at MBC: "America the Beautiful"> Meet Director Darryl Roberts!

Meet Director Darryl Roberts TUE & WED!
TWO shows each night!


The ongoing HD film festival where you don't just watch, you experience!

512 Española Way at Plaza España, (305) 67-FILMS (673-567)




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DECEMBER 2008 at a Glance:

16 TUE & 17 WED: America The Beautiful

18 THU (& JAN 08, 11) "The Dreams of Aleksandr SUKOROV"

19, 20: Jiri Menzel: Then and Now I Served The King of England

(coinciding with the Russian Dreams exhibition at the Bass Museum of Art)

SUN 21: "Silents Please": Mark of Zorro with FEDERICO BRITOS!

26-29: A Christmas Story (Un conte de Noel) with Catherine Deneuve

JAN 01: "HD Opera!": Hansel and Gretel: A Modern Opera in Two Acts

DON'T MISS the December MBC exhibition:

A Walk “Temps sur temps”


A photographic/audio-visual installation

16 TUE & 17 WED 7:30 & 9:40pm:

America The Beautiful

Is America obsessed with beauty?

From the producers of Fahrenheit 911 and Bowling for Colombine

The USA is known for being one of the wealthiest nations on the planet with the most opportunities for its citizens. In 2004 alone, Americans spent $12.4 billion (yes, billion!) on cosmetic surgery. Filmmaker Darryl Roberts goes on a two year journey to examine America’s new obsession; physical perfection. In America the Beautiful, we learn secrets, confessions, and strikingly harsh realities as Roberts unearths the origins and deadly risks of our nation’s quest for physical perfection. Follow Darryl as he asks Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, Julianne Moore, Michael Beach, Mena Suvari, Martin Short, and other celebrities and experts in cosmetics, fashion, media, and self-esteem the major question at hand. . .Does America have an unhealthy obsession with beauty?

Director Darryl Roberts will introduce the film and be present

for Q&A after the film

See Darryl’s latest press on the film at these links:

The Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN, Roger Ebert

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18 THU 8:30pm:

“The Dreams of Aleksandr SOKUROV”

Film Retrospective coinciding with the

Russian Dreams Exhibition at the Bass Museum of Art

Father and Son (Otets i syn/ Отец и сын) (Russia/2003) With Andrei Shchetinin and Aleksei Nejmyshev

Father and Son won the FIPRESCI prize at the Cannes Film Festival with the following note from the critics who gave the award: “For brilliant images and the director’s original way of depicting the powerful bond that unites a father and a son.” The film is part of a trilogy begun with Mother and Son, and will end with the planned Two Brothers and a Sister. With one of the most poetic films ever made, Sokorov shows that intensity of emotions and imagery associated with human intimacy does not need to be associated with sexuality (which some critics read into to the film’s premise, incorrectly, according to the director himself).

In Russian with English subtitles.

WINNER: Cannes Film Festival FIPRESCI Prize

Russian Guild of Film Critics Golden Aries for Art Direction

“LIKE A DREAM WITHIN A DREAM. Its images and emotions are vivid, disquieting and also hermetic, and while it may frustrate your desire for clear storytelling and psychological transparency, it has an intensity that surpasses understanding.”

—New York Times

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19 FRI, 20 SAT, 7:30pm & 9:40pm:

Jirí Menzel: “Then and Now”: (NOW)

An MBC Premiere HD DIGITAL Presentation!

In collaboration with Emerging Pictures

Miami Theatrical Premiere!

WINNER: 2007 Berlin Film Festival FIPRESCI Prize

I Served The King of England

(Obsluhoval jsem anglického krále)

(Jiri Menzel/Czech Republic/2007)

With Ivan Barnov, Oldrich Kaiser, Julia Jentsch, Martin Huba

In Czech New Wave master filmmaker Jirí Menzel’s latest film (and sixth adaptation of a Bohumil Hrabal novel), which was ten years in the making, the wryly cynical and comedic screenplay focuses on two parallel stories. The first follows the youthful exploits and gradual maturing of an ambitious little man before the War and during the German occupation. The second story, interlinked with the first, concerns a period in his later life when he seeks peace and solitude in an abandoned German village whose inhabitants were expelled after the war.

In Czech and German with English subtitles

WINNER: Berlin Film Festival FIPRESCI Prize

Czech Lions Best Film, Best Director, Best Cinematograpohy

Peñsicola Comedy Film Festival Best Film

Sofia Int. Film Festival Audience Award

“IT FEELS LIKE A FILM FROM ANOTHER ERA!. . .not only because its black comic picaresque saga unfolds during the 1930’s and 40s. . .It’s elegant, ironic fable belongs to a distinctive middle-European artistic tradition—think “Tin Drum”—with a puckish spirit that is sometimes sweet and at other times ruthless.”

—Andrew O’Hehir, Salon

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A series of classic silent films with LIVE accompaniment!

Mark of Zorro (Fred Niblo/Douglas Fairbanks/1920)

With Douglas Fairbanks, Noah Berry, Claire McDowell

With the decision that would form his career, legendary silent film star Douglas Fairbanks, who remains the most famous of the Zorros, made this mix of comedy and derring-do reluctantly, as a change-of-pace from his modern-dress playboy roles. The Mark of Zorro is the swashbuckling story of a nineteenth century Robin Hood intent on freeing his beloved San Juan Capistrano from an evil Governor and his lecherous Captain.

With LIVE violin accompaniment. . .

by Grammy Award Winner FEDERICO BRITOS!

$20 or $18 MBC Members for this special event!

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26 FRI, 27 SAT, 28 SUN, 29 MON

6:55pm & 9:35pm:

An MBC Premiere HD DIGITAL Presentation!

In collaboration with Emerging Pictures

Miami Theatrical Premiere!

Special Jury Prize for CATHERINE DENEUVE,

Cannes Film Festival 2008!

A Christmas Tale (Un conte de Noël)

(A film by Arnaud Desplechin/2008)

With Catherine Deneuve, Mathieu Amalric, Melvil Poupaud,

Anne Cosigny, Chiara Mastroianni, Laurent Capelluto

Abel and Junon had two children, Joseph and Elizabeth. Victim of a rare genetic condition, Joseph's only hope was a bone marrow transplant. As they and Elizabeth were incompatible, his parents conceived a third child in the hope of saving their son. But little Henri too was unable to help his brother, and Joseph died at the age of seven. The Vuillard family has never recovered. Masterfully directed and acted, by turns savage, bittersweet, darkly comic and unbearably moving, A Christmas Tale shows internationally acclaimed Desplechin at the height of his powers. In French with English subtitles.

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Cannes Film Festival 2008, Toronto Int. Film Festival 2008, New York Int. Film Festival 2008

“CINEMATIC MAGIC. Denueve gets her best role in years, while Amalric proves that he is one of the finest working actors in the world. Alternately cathartic, dysfunctional and compelling...seek it out!”—Matt Mazur, Pop Matters

“It filled me with UNADULTERED JOY!”—AO Scott NY Times

“A Plum Pudding of a movie, rich in craziness, melodrama, and cinematic brio!”

--J. Hoberman, Village Voice

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01 THU 8pm: HD OPERA!

See the best Operas in the world. . .in HD. . .

Right in your own neighborhood!

An MBC Premiere HD DIGITAL Presentation!

In collaboration with Emerging Pictures

Hansel and Gretel A Modern Opera in Three Acts

Performance at: Glyndebourne Festival, England. July 2008

Approximate running time: 135’, Music: Englebert Humperdinck, Libretto: Adelheid Wette, Conductor: Kazushi Ono, Directed: Laurent Pelly, Sets: Barbara de Limburg, Costumes: Laurent Pelly Cast: Jennifer Holloway mezzo-soprano Hänsel, Adriana Kučherová soprano Gretel


With this modern version of the classic fairy tale, Glyndebourne is presenting Englebert Humperdinck’s (1854-1921) Hänsel und Gretel for the first time in the 2008 Festival. The work has been a constant and extraordinary success since its premiere in 1893. Like all great fairy tales, the story has darker underpinnings, evident in Humperdinck’s brilliant orchestral writing which accompanies the lost siblings’ journey through a shadowy world of unknown and limitless menace.

"Adriana Kucerova's irrepressibly hyperactive Gretel steals every scene. I don't think I've seen an opera singer expend so much energy on stage. It's as if she is connected directly to the national grid.” - Richard Morrison, Times Online

Admission for this Special Event: $18 and $16 MBC Members

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ART BASEL events: complimentary

FILMS: $10 or $7 MBC Members / Students / Seniors

SILENTS...PLEASE! $20 or $18 MBC Members / Students / Seniors

Cine-IMPROV! $12 or $10 MBC Members / Students / Seniors

HD OPERA! $18 and $16 MBC Members

Doors open fifteen minutes before screenings

T H E M I A M I B E A C H C I N E M A T H E Q U E The ongoing HD film festival where you don't just watch, you experience!

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I Served The King of England (screening December 19th, 20th)

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