Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Magic City Kitty

A One Night Stand with the Magic City Kitty

Nearly nine months ago, my sex column - the Magic City Kitty - was born. Plenty cheeky, brutally honest and somewhat unpredictable; people didnbt know what to think of the fact that the New Times sex columnist was constantly licking herself and sending major rrrowrs out to naughty readers. But now my bawdy baby has grown so fast, earning thousands of views a week and more than a few suggestions for the proper way to clean my dirrty mouth.

I appreciate that you've accepted Kitty into your life thus far, even leaving a bowl of spiked milk out on your doorstep from time to time. So this Thursday, December 4, allow Kitty and I to return the favor when we throw ourselves into the over-stuffed Basel arena for a One Night Stand at the Gibson Guitar Studio in the Design District (180 NE 39th St, Ste 200).

There wonbt be any handcuffs or faux promises of future commitment, but this One Night Stand will have free cocktails by Touch Vodka and an exhibit by the always-amazing LeBo who has created an ode to the muse he just met b the Magic City Kitty. Join us from 7 to 11 p.m. and donbt miss the espresso cotton candy b itbs the only way youbll have the energy for the rest of Basel.

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